We have been very busy with dog stuff lately! And Bodhi and Gracie are doing pretty well together, at least when Gracie isn’t jumping in Bodhi’s face.

We’ve been very busy with classes for both, and it is so much fun watching them grow and play.

Bodhi’s doing well with his Nosework class, which Gracie had already taken. They have completely different searching styles. Gracie is a little tornado running everywhere. She uses her head, instead of her nose, too much when she’s someplace familiar (like our living room, dining room, etc.). She runs to places where her head thinks it might be, sniffs once, and then moves on. I am very challenged finding new places for hides for her so she has to use that nose of hers.

Bodhi, on the other hand, searches very methodically, head to the floor the whole time. Being blind, he doesn’t really have any other way of locating the hides. He doesn’t seem to get discouraged at all…just keeps working. He’s a joy to watch.

Gracie has been taking her “Outdoor Adventures” class, where we meet different places each week and practice obedience skills. It really pushes her, and she comes home trashed. We go to Bass Pro Shop Sunday (tomorrow) and that should be a busy and challenging place to work. Last class is next week and we will be at a retirement community, which will give me a chance to get a glimpse of Gracie as a potential therapy dog.

She also started Rally training today, which will be loads of fun for her. It is running on Saturday, while she still has two Outdoor Adventure classes on Sundays. And then…because we’re really crazy…she will start Nosework II (introduction to odors) right after that, so we’ll be doing Rally at 9 am Saturday morning, and Nosework right after at 10. She’s going to be one tired pup, I hope!

All that, and she has a drop in Nosework session a couple times a month, and another fun training time a couple times a month as well. And then there’s all the practice time at home. Have I mentioned that Gracie LOVES training??

And we still have Ruby, our foster kitty too. She is being spayed later this week, I believe.

Life is interesting…never a dull moment.

Bodhi’s response:

Nap time. We all need a good bit of nap time these days.

9 thoughts on “Bodhi & Gracie Chronicles: Training Central

  1. What? No picture of Ruby? It would not surprise me if you sign Gracie up for soccer and girl scouts! Such an energetic pup (and owner). I’m with Bodhi here. Snooze lessons work for me. How did your cat clicker training go? Were you successful or did you have to return her too soon?

    1. Ruby is hard to photograph because she wants to be attached to me every minute! I’m working on it, but need Marley to distract her if I’m going to get photos. And I was able to do a couple clicker training things with Mystique before she went back. Unfortunately, she is back hiding behind the washing machine at the rescue. Boo hoo! She’ll do great with someone if they give her a few days, and she’s great with other cats, but hard to show her since she doesn’t come out to meet folks. As for Gracie and Girl Scouts and soccer…we have our hands full enough right now!!

  2. You are quite busy training and entertaining these two in addition caring for Ruby. These three are very lucky animals!

    Bodhi looks like how I feel right now. Ready for sleep. 🙂

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