Today’s the day! Our first group dog walk is late this afternoon, and eight people (besides Marley and me) signed up. We have the route all mapped out, extra leashes (in case anyone comes with a flexi-lead), poop bags (in case anyone forgot) and we’re excited to meet everyone, humans and dogs. Stay tuned for the (hopefully) good report!

In the meantime, I am very excited about this:

Why? you say. Well, this marks the end of potty training for Gracie (knock on wood.) She abused this carpet mightily during the process and today I steam cleaned it. I used pet enzyme products each time she peed or pooped here over the months, but it was spotted with…well, spots where I’d cleaned and the cleaning was cleaner than the old carpet. So today, I loaded up the steam cleaner with a pet enzyme product (instead of shampoo) just to give the whole carpet one more thorough going-over and it looks so much better. Couldn’t stand it another day.

Gracie still has the occasional accident, but some of it was related to her irregular eating schedule, and I think we have that licked. She hates eating in her playpen…hates. She’d rather starve, so I was having a hard time getting her to eat. She didn’t mind skipping meals, two or more in a row, at all. I don’t know what the deal is with the playpen, especially since she goes in there on her own to nap, but apparently, it isn’t a suitable dining room. Now she gets her breakfast and dinner in my office and she looks forward to meals and eats with gusto. With a more regular meal schedule she is…well, more regular and predictable in her potty needs. We are all happier.

We were out for a morning walk today and she met a new 15 week old puppy in our neighborhood, and the two of them took to each other instantly. Wish I’d had my phone or camera! They raced all over together while the humans chatted…mostly about puppy energy and how exhausting it can be. Maybe we can set up some play dates for Gracie and Harper.

Gracie had a new adventure yesterday too, one that completely trashed her for hours. (I love those!) At the NoseWork drop in, we worked on finding the hides on vehicles. Gracie had never even worked outside before, much less on vehicles. It challenged her, and she was, as usual, up for the challenge. But she was one tired pup and slept several hours when we got home. Something new to practice on at home. She starts her Rally 2 class this weekend, so I am looking forward to a more tired pup more often.

And just because I can’t resist bragging on Gracie…She chases our cats still, less, but still a problem. Today she went for Hiro who wandered into my office since I’d neglected to shut the gate.

Well, I asked Gracie to sit and stay while I scooped up Hiro and deposited him outside the office, and Gracie sat and stayed. Woo hoo!

That’s the dog news for now. Stay tuned for updates on the group dog walk!

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    1. Yup, love those tired dogs!! Unfortunately you often have to spend time tiring them, and that tires me as well!!

    1. Hiro has swiped Gracie a few times, and Gracie usually stays far enough away to avoid another swipe, but barks still at Hiro from a moderate distance. The other cats simply run from Gracie, which she considers a fine game.

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