9 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Crazy

    1. In a training group that Gracie’s a member of, focused on games and challenges, this kept being a challenge and I couldn’t train her to do it in a couple minutes. So got one of the buttons, and it took a couple days but we got it done!

      1. nail trims, stepping up onto things, getting a dog to move only a short distance forward or back, really useful in agility for things like contact behaviors, some collection training, distance training, useful for teaching position changes in obedience/rally fluidly without a lot of forward/backward/side movement. So many uses and applications to foot targets lol

    1. The bell will be in its box in the kitchen, and Gracie will be sleeping in her locked crate in our closed bedroom. If she finds it at 5 a.m. she will be a miracle dog.

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