The paperwork is completed, and last night I went for the humans-only orientation for the dog therapy program Gracie and I hope to join. Soooo much information, all good. But wow!

Gracie isn’t eligible to be evaluated until August, which gives us a little more time to fine tune a few things, especially “leave it,” which is not her strongest skill. We’re practicing daily, and it is one of the skills for her current class as well, so we’ll nail it given a little more time and practice. Such a hard thing for a very young dog. She’s so quick and skilled that I sometimes forget she’s only a year old.

I had to laugh today, however, and hope this is an omen. I took her to our local pet store for a bath…more on that in a moment. All the staff came to play with her and pet her, and one of them – who turns out to have a therapy dog – instantly asked if she was a therapy dog. Paws crossed that’s a good omen for passing our evaluation. She loves people so much and is so happy to greet them, be petted and cuddled.

We were getting a bath, however, because someone (and it wasn’t me) had a sort of wet poop last night that got wrapped around all those beautiful feathery hairs flowing off her hind end. I did what I could last evening, but it was bath time first thing this morning. Someone was not too happy about that. Actually she doesn’t mind the bath as much as the hair dryer, but she did pretty well considering it isn’t her favorite activity. Didn’t stop her from giving me dirty looks.

Oh well! She is nice and clean, had a few mats removed, and she’s good as new. Thankfully she is not required to be bathed each time she makes a therapy visit, should we be accepted into the program, but this won’t be her last bath in this life either!

Have a good weekend everyone.

13 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Dog Therapy Road

    1. And not all labs either! We had one who despised water. Bathing him was more of an adventure than we were willing to engage in without a good reason.

  1. Ducky gets her baths at daycare, which makes it really convenient for me. She loves being at daycare, so the positive association makes it easier. (They also trim her nails for me as needed.) Callie and Shadow used to get their grooming from their “Auntie Andrea”, who in addition to overnight pet sitting also had (still has) a grooming business. Since they were already comfortable with Andrea, it made sense to have her groom them. Especially since our little house doesn’t have a separate shower stall in which I could have done it myself.

    1. I couldn’t do it at home either. Love the pet store’s sinks up where I can stand to wash the pups.

      1. Before my toy poodle and I moved down here (SC) from Long Island, I used to give her her baths in the kitchen sink. It was huge, and the perfect height and width for me to use for her baths.

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