Well, we had one peeing episode yesterday. I’m pretty sure Gracie chasing the cats while Marley and I worked on the front porch was the cause. The cats have also discovered that if they jump on the breakfast bar and push any papers on it off onto the floor that Gracie will grab the papers to rip up and forget about cats. Paper trumps cats. The cats don’t mind sacrificing whatever paper they can find to the little tyrant Gracie! We came in to find several piles of torn up paper…sigh.

As to why Marley and I were out on the porch for a few hours…the catio arrived and it is all put together, and without any language a five year-old couldn’t hear. It was definitely a two person job, and took us close to three hours.

It arrived in two very heavy boxes…lots of pieces.

But once we had that all sorted out, it went together pretty well. There was one mis-marked part, as so many had said in online reviews, and I’m glad I knew that…saved us some of that language the neighbors would have heard otherwise!

The first part went together easily enough. Lots of shelves, windows, cubbies.

Roof being installed.

Finished house!

We stopped and had dinner and wine, a well-deserved break. Took the dogs for their evening walks. And this morning I went out and got a few supplies and set the house up. Minh had some time there this morning. He’s not too sure of it yet. Cats aren’t usually good with change. But we’ll give him and others some time to get used to the place. Minh got an extra meal there late this morning, plus some fresh catnip, and he did some exploring. Enough for his first visit there. He even used the litter box…I should be glad he didn’t pee on the house!

We’ll see how everyone adapts. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Cat Challenges, Part 3

  1. Wow! They are going to love it and it looks like they already are. Hope Gracie can get into it. Good job!

    1. They’re a little timid about it so far, but they’ll get used to it, and like it, I hope!!

  2. Sounds like Gracie is the “peeing” cause. Can you put Minh in there with another cat for company? (Not Gilda!) She may have to get used to all the outside stimulation going on. We have a screened in porch and all of our cats like it but Sasha and Morgan are the porch cats. Sasha runs all along the edges chasing the chipmunks on the other side of the screen. I was worried she’d get excited and rip the screen but she doesn’t paw it at all. Hope you had lots of wine!

    1. None of our cats like each other well enough to hang out in a smaller space like this together. But they will get used to it. All had an hour or two out there today, with an extra wet food meal as encouragement. Some liked it better than others, but we’ll give them some time to get used to things.

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