They say trouble comes in threes, and it has been looking like the trouble trio was on my tail the last few days.

It started Sunday when I started seeing flashes of light out of the side on my left eye, along with lots of new floaters. If you haven’t seen floaters in your eyes, they look like black cobwebs everywhere in your field of vision. I had this in the right eye a couple years ago. It is a PVD, a posterior vitreous detachment. Dr. Google reminds us that this is a natural consequence of aging eyes, but it is a little spooky nonetheless. And the concern is that it not involve any retinal tears. So, instead of taking Gracie to her second therapy dog test, I had to go off to the optometrist. No retinal involvement, at least not so far. But a bummer to have to put off Gracie’s next test.

Gracie has another test scheduled on Wednesday (when you’ll be reading this) but it is Tuesday now, and this morning she was throwing up repeatedly. Really, universe?? I stepped in the first vomit getting out of bed in the morning…lovely way to start the day.

But once the food was out she was just vomiting small amounts of bile, and she was racing all over the house like her usual self. So, off to get the ingredients to make the world famous hamburger rice dish that all dog owners know so well. She held a couple tablespoons down for a couple hours, and then some more, and this evening she was back to eating some more hamburger rice along with her kibble. She’s been fetching her ball like a maniac, so I think she just ate something that disagreed with her on our late evening walk last night. She doesn’t grab that much on walks anymore, so the chances are I missed something she did snag. She’s fine, and hopefully ready for her second therapy dog test tomorrow. She even had a nice bath last Saturday.

I thought the third trouble was going to catch up with me this afternoon, but apparently I’ve dodged it for now. I had a new dog client who I couldn’t get anywhere near at the initial meet and greet. I wasn’t sure how our first visit with Mom gone was going to go today. (She has had pet sitters and dog walkers where she used to live, otherwise I might not have taken this dog on.)

I walked into the house to lots of barking from the little cavapoo. (Cavalier/poodle mix.) And instantly she ran to her mom’s bedroom and backed herself up against the wall on top of the bed. Not a great start. I got the treats ready, sat on the floor and tossed treats onto the bed until she was comfortable getting up to eat them. Next step – sit on the bed and toss treats. Finally she started eating treats from my hand. Phew!! This took about half an hour, with lots of treats and lots of “happy voice” (cheerful upbeat higher pitched voice, encouraging) and I was finally able to put a kennel lead over her head by offering her a treat to put her head through the lead, and then we were good.

She was lured off the bed and she actually rolled over for a belly rub, and then I was able to put her harness on, attach her lead, and we headed out for a walk. She didn’t want any dinner, but she’s had more than enough treats. She played with her toys with me, and actually sat touching me and accepted pets. She’s still a little nervous – licking her lips occasionally – but she’ll be fine in a few more visits.

So, hopefully the trouble in threes is just trouble in twos this time, and I haven’t jinxed myself by writing all of this. Paws crossed, and paws crossed that Gracie passes her second therapy dog observation tomorrow too.

11 thoughts on “Threes…maybe twos this time

  1. Well, I sure am glad Gracie’s feeling better in time for her test today! And glad there’s no retinal tears involved in your floaters! As for the cavapoo, I’m sure she’ll get used to you fairly quickly. Her mom probably spoils her incessantly.

    1. Cavapoo is doing much better. She’s just shy with new folks, but a very nice dog.

      1. Gracie did great today! Better than her first visit since she knew what we were doing this time. Very encouraged!

  2. You sure had a streak of bad luck. I get floaters but never had the flashing light thing. Scary! As for Gracie, aww. Such a sweet pup should not get sick. Also she should know better (ha!) than to eat mystery items. Good luck on the test.

    1. I spoke too soon about threes…wasp nests in the ground next to the front porch now. Oy!! But Gracie did fabulously on her second test. Woo hoo.

  3. Those 3 things all turned out better than they might have, thankfully.
    I had the same problem in my left eye a year ago, and, as wet macular degeneration runs in my Mom’s family. I went into panic mode too. Thankfully got the same diagnosis Hope all goes well with you and your charges.

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