Gracie had her second therapy dog test today, and she did great. On her first test she wasn’t quite sure what we were doing. (Maybe I hadn’t explained it well enough ahead of time.) So she was a touch shy. Not enough that it prevented her from meeting folks, but her tester and I could see that she was just a smidge uncomfortable. Still, she did well enough to pass.

Today, as her tester noted, she was prancing confidently down the hallways looking for folks who wanted to meet her. Much more comfortable, even though we were in a different (and new to her) place. She sat on a lap – actually laid down and enjoyed being pet. And she was much better with being held and presented to folks in wheelchairs for petting. We kept the visit a bit shorter too, which is appropriate for pups still learning the ropes. So she wasn’t tired when we were done, and I think she enjoyed herself.

She’s doing a great job with the cue to “go say hello,” and did so well with one person, sitting nicely in front of them, that the tester said she should teach other dogs how to do this. So Gracie and I are both very pleased with today. Test #3 is next week, and if she passes that one, she will be able to be called a therapy dog.

This is Gracie, back home, looking at me, knowing she did a great job. She’s so full of herself sometimes! “Told you I could do it,” she seems to be saying.

From there, she felt it was kitten time. Our fosters are back from their spay and a little time away, and Gracie is happy to have them back. “Please, may I go visit the kittens now???”

Really…now would be good.

She’s a character. And a very transparent one at that.

14 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Therapy Dog Test #2

  1. The best thing about animals is that there is no hidden motive. Everything is clear and mostly about food or play. Yay for Gracie. She is so cute everyone will love her.

    1. Thanks, Kate. I think now that she sort of understands what we’re doing that she will have fun with it.

  2. Gracie is a sweetie! She is a fast learner! She will bring joy to a lot of folks! I love how she looks into your eyes knowing she did a great job and always waiting for that yummy treat!

    1. Now if we could just get her to look at me during the walking test for the Bachelors degree!!!

  3. Way To Go Gracie!!!! I knew you could do it! And I know you’ll ace the test next week, too!! You go ahead an be full of yourself – you’ve earned it!! ❤️❤️

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