One year ago today, this little fluff ball came to live with us.

It seems like forever and no time at all, depending on the day and what Gracie is up to! So much has changed, with puppy looks replaced by adult looks, which are still pretty puppyish, and probably will be for a good long time.

At a little over 11 pounds she is often mistaken for a puppy. But at 15 months, she’s an accomplished adult with nine classes under her belt, plus her CGC, a Bachelor’s Degree, and one certification as a therapy dog, and hopefully two of them very soon.

I’d forgotten how much work a puppy is, which is probably a good thing. Despite all the common sense one of my sisters tried to instill in me about the puppy thing, we dived in anyway, and no regrets. I have a few more grey hairs, and most of the cats still aren’t thrilled with Gracie (though my foster kittens adore her!), but all in all, it was a good decision. Here’s to many more years with the lovely Gracie! Can’t wait to see what else is ahead for her and us.

8 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: One Year and counting

  1. Awwww. How can it be a year already??! Goodness! She’s adorable! Give her a kiss for me!

    Honestly, I don’t know where you get the energy to raise and keep up with a puppy! I have a hard enough time keeping up with Ducky and she’ll be seven and a half tomorrow. She’s middle-aged and still has the same energy level she had at seven months (when we adopted her)!

    1. Gracie definitely keeps me hopping. I’m pretty sure this is the last puppy I’ll raise. So much work! Worth it, but a lot of work.

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