When we visited the police department this week, they wanted to fingerprint the two-footed visitors so we can get a pass to use for future therapy visits. But they weren’t interested in the dogs’ criminal histories. I can’t speak for Portia, but Gracie has a serious rap sheet, even at just 15 months. In the interest of full disclosure, here it is.

Gracie (Redfern’s Graceful Rose) born May May 23, 2018

Brown and white fur (Blenheim)

Wanted for the following:

Destruction of property: baseboards, leather (expensive) leashes, plush toys, gates . This is by no means an exhaustive list of things Gracie has chewed up.

Careless behavior resulting in unnecessary vet bills: eating crap outside that makes her so sick she ends up at the emergency vet for fluids and anti-nausea meds; pulling ears and tails and other appendages off plush toys so they collect in her colon, resulting in x-rays, and uber-diligent attention to poop for days.

Disorderly conduct: Chasing cats endlessly and mercilessly; flying at Bodhi’s face (he’s blind!)

Noise Violation: a demanding bark when she wants something that will rival a rock concert for ear drum destruction

Trespassing: Despite gates and clear instructions to stay out of the two cat rooms, Gracie manages to get in to one of them from time to time and eat poop from the litter boxes, which should give her a charge of disgusting behavior as well.

Yes, she’s sweet, adorable, and beautiful, and she does good work as a therapy dog. But we all have our dark sides…now you know. I think we’ll count her therapy dog work as Community Service.

Fortunately she’s getting older and a little less feisty and crazy, and this evening she even passed the test for her Master’s Degree in the Canine Life and Social Skills class. On to the Ph.D. level, but not till next spring. She has a lot of community service hours to complete before then.

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  1. Hello. I just stumbled across your blog here on WordPress. Gracie is pretty cute for a criminal. I just watched a Cavalier spaniel with similar coloring, but he looked quite differently, simply because he is very, very chubby. šŸ™‚ I may write about some of my experiences with him on my blog soon. Anyway, I enjoyed your post.

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