12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Lap dogs

    1. She was upstairs with me when Marley called me down to take the photo. She’s a little envious of Mack, and is protecting her territory (me!) closely.

  1. OH! MY! DOG!!! That pic is just too precious for words!!

    I can imagine Gracie is sticking close to you!! Ducky understands totally! She’s a little better about it now than she was last week; but still getting used to being the slightly older sister as opposed to the only dog. But she’ll always be my baby girl.

    1. We have two dogs, but Gracie really didn’t like it when Mack jumped on my lap. Totally her territory! But it is good for her to continue to learn that I can and will be around other critters besides her.

      1. Oh, I know. Ducky has to learn that, too. And she was doing great while Shadow was still with us. She just has some adjustments to go through. She’ll get there again. And Gracie will learn to adjust as well.

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