Last year this time, Gracie was just around 6 months, and she was generally in her playpen if she wasn’t being supervised. The Christmas tree was safe from her antics.

A year later, and it is the Christmas tree that gets the playpen. Gracie still thinks that everything needs to go in her mouth, and the playpen prevents electrical cords, ornaments, and fake tree parts for becoming lunch. What a difference a year makes. (Look how different she looks from a year ago too!)

And for those of you who follow her adventures, she passed the test for her Novice Tricks title. Tricks are wonderful for therapy dog adventures, especially when we’re with kids, which Gracie really enjoys. So we are now working on the tricks for her Intermediate title. I’m trying to teach her to crawl, and to balance a treat on her nose, which the kids will love. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: What a difference a year makes

  1. Oh. My. DoG! Look how she’s grown! And such a good girl, too! And talented! Congrats on the tricks title! My Mom taught all our poodles to balance their MilkBone treats on their noses. The oldest, Coco, even taught herself how to catch it as it slid off her nose! As a little kid – I was 6 at the time – I thought it was a pretty neat trick.

    1. That is a cool trick! We’re working on it. I;m working on “bow” too, so she can take a bow at the end of her therapy visits.

    1. I bet that when she chewed to cord connecting your printer to your computer you’d find a way to say “no.” Just sayin’!

  2. A therapy dog is usually a gentle and friendly one. Although all pets are kind of therapy pets, good for curing depression to some degree.
    They grow up fast. A year is a lot in dog’s years. One of my cats was five weeks old when I took her home, and she didn’t know how to jump or even climb, and she was completely hyperactive. The house looked as if a hurricane had gone through it. But at age four and a half months, she had started calming down. She’s also learned to jump, and now leaps on top of the refrigerator. Puppiehood and kittenhood don’t last as long as childhood.

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