As the Christmas season approached, Gracie and I did a lot of pet therapy visits. Some of the visits were our regularly scheduled ones, and others were ones we took as substitutes for other teams that had commitments elsewhere. We ended up doing five visits in the seven days before Christmas Day, which is a lot for a dog as young as Gracie and as new to pet therapy, but she did so well.

Three of our visits were to Ronald McDonald House, a place where families can stay for free when they have children at the hospital. We were there three times in the last week, and there are some guests there dealing with pretty tough stuff, made more difficult by having to cope with the holiday spirit all around them. We usually go to Ronald McDonald House once a month, but it was nice to go three times in this last week, so we could keep up with how people’s kids were coming along in their medical care.

Gracie is developing the gift of settling in with those who might need her most, and I can’t say a lot about what we do, since the stories belong to the guests there and not to us. But I wanted to share a couple photos of her with some young guests who spent a lot of time with her. Maybe the photos will give you an idea of how sweetly she connects with folks.

(And how much she loves her ears rubbed!!)

Gracie entertained as well. She doesn’t really adore her elf cap but everyone else does, and she can be bribed to wear it on visits for short periods before she shakes it off.

She gets a well-deserved rest from visits for a little bit here. But from Gracie and me, and all the rest of our crew – critter and human – Merry Christmas. We hope your day is just what you want and need it to be.

16 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: A Therapy Dog Christmas

  1. Awww, you two make a great team! Yes, I know Gracie does most of the “work”, but without you she couldn’t do any of it. So, thank you both for all you do!!

    Merry Christmas to You, Marley, and all the Furry “Kids”!! ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ„â¤ï¸â¤ï¸

  2. Wow! Five visits in seven days…that IS a lot. Gracie is adorably precious looking in her little hat. Bless her and you for providing holiday relief to others. This time of year therapy visits are extra special. May 2020 be your best year yet.

    1. You certainly qualify as someone who would know how much 5 visits in 7 days is! Gracie and I send our best wishes for a wonderful 2020 to you and your team as well!

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