The Holiday Pet Sitting Gremlins

It rarely fails. Holiday pet sitting – already a bit stressful – becomes more fun when the world throws you some extra challenges.

The last week was packed with visits. I finished up with most of my clients Sunday morning, and for the rest of Sunday I was a vegetable. Stared at the walls, did very little, and was just flat out. I am better today, recovering, and glad for some slower days for just a little bit.

There was the usual – a cat who didn’t want her twice-daily pill. The second I arrived each visit the chase was on! Under beds, in closets, and all sorts of places for her, but I prevailed and she got every single pill prescribed. The second she swallowed she took off and went back into hiding until I started hanging on to her until she relaxed, stayed of her own free will, enjoyed the petting and eventually purred. Yes, I’m the mean pill lady, but I’m also pretty nice to cats given a chance!

Then there was the house alarm that went off even though the system was off. It was convinced that a window had been breached, but there was no evidence from inside or out. And because the clients never use the alarm, I didn’t have any codes. Luckily the cat is pretty deaf, because it was six hours before I got the codes so I could turn it off.

We had a couple keys that weren’t working well. Thank goodness for WD40, the pet sitter’s friend. We managed to get where we were supposed to be.

And then, the piece de resistance, clients who left chocolate where there dogs could – and did – get it. Diarrhea and vomiting met the pet sitter this morning. It looks like the dog will be okay, but it was a long morning of worry.

We still have a few days left of holiday pet sitting, but I hope the gremlins have done their worst at this point. I’m ready to ring in the new year quietly, and without crisis!

11 thoughts on “The Holiday Pet Sitting Gremlins

  1. Oh my goodness–hard to ‘like’ any of this. But I do question how you manage to hold onto a cat until it calms down. Please do share your secret as I am tired of shredded clothes and skin! I hope the gremlins are gone for good, too.

    1. Well, the cat in question is elderly and not terribly strong, so that’s part of the answer. When I give pills I get down on the floor with the cat, put it between my legs, and pill from behind. So it isn’t hard to scoop the cat up and hold it against me from that position, and wait for it to relax. That said, that could be done with some cats, and definitely not others. Years ago a vet tech taught me to try never to end a medication session on a bad note, but to try to make friends and provide a reward, so I try. Don’t always succeed, but I try!

      1. This is wonderful. Yeah, my little ones…..are little. Way too much friskiness in them still. But this is good to remember. Thank you so much. Wishing you a very Happy (and relaxing) New Year!

  2. About 20 years ago, I had an old diabetic cat. She was a delight — friendly and accommodating except she didn’t like the sitter giving her shots. It took a few trips with the sitter following her all over the house before she finally decided she was getting the shot no matter how fast she ran. Odd thing was that I never had an issue giving her shots and she liked the cat sitter. Hey, she was a cat. They are what the are.

    1. The cat I had to medicate doesn’t discriminate. She gives her person as much trouble as she gives me! You’d think after some years of pills twice a day she’d get with the program, but as you say, she’s a cat.

      1. I give Mollie a pill every other day. It’s flavored so it doesn’t taste bad. I can do it with a finger these days without fear of losing a digit. She still gets all cranky about it. Hazel had several meds. Put it in a pill pocket and she was good with it.

  3. Good Grief! You’ve certainly had your hands full this past week! Ducky and Shadow got into some chocolate last year – the day after Xmas – actually, I think only Ducky got into it because the vet said she didn’t bring any up at all when he did the “stomach pump”. Ducky brought up a good amount of it, so they were both pretty warn out that night. But, thankfully, the charcoal stuff the vet used took care of the rest. So, having said that, I’m glad your client’s pups all seem to be okay.

    1. We seemed to have dodge the chocolate bullet, and the dog is okay. Probably didn’t eat that much is our guess, but you always have to worry with the little dogs!

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