Gracie and I have been working on her Intermediate Tricks title tricks for the last few weeks. She’s getting ready for the exam sometime soon, and she’s doing very well. (The kids at the Ronald McDonald House where we do pet therapy visits are loving the tricks!) The intermediate ones have been challenging but not impossible. Not so sure about the list of Advanced Tricks, but we’ll worry about that once we get the Intermediate title done!

In the meantime, Gracie has been working hard, and this is what she does after working hard.

Naps are a wonderful invention. The older I get, the more I enjoy them.

10 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Hard Work

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who gets exhausted by visits. Gracie and I often take a nap together after them! And Gracie’s test is Monday. Hoping she aces it too!

      1. It wipes me out too, not to mention Sam. After doing it for nearly 7 years, and teaching Elsa how to be a dog, Sam will be retiring after one last visit to West Pines in a couple of weeks. It’s bittersweet but think he deserves it. All the best with bringing smiles with Gracie.

      2. Oh, that is definitely bittersweet. But so smart of you to know when it is time to retire Sam. I know he will be missed by all those he has visited regularly!

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