The Pups

Just a photo today. Bodhi in the foreground, and little miss Gracie in back. It’s only fair that Gracie gets the background once in a while!

5 thoughts on “The Pups

    1. Gracie has different relationships with different cats. Hiro, who is larger than Gracie, read her the riot act on day one, claws included, and Gracie has respected him since that day. Lily is usually upstairs and away from Gracie, but when she ventures out, Gracie chases her. Gilda sees Gracie and runs, and Gracie chases mercilessly. Minh used to run, but has stopped lately and Gracie is getting less interested in chasing him. They continue to figure things out!

    1. Yeah, she likes being the star, but being the the background is good for her once in a while!

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