Gracie’s business cards for her pet therapy visits came today. Blurry photo of the business card, but you get the idea.

Kids, especially, like collecting these cards from the various dogs, and even some of the adults. They came just in time for our visit to Ronald McDonald House tonight, and we can’t wait to hand some out.

We have decided on our ten tricks that we’ll try to accomplish for our Advanced Tricks title – the last one we will do. After that it is all performance related, and we’re not going there. Or at least, I’m not. Maybe Gracie will find someone else for that! But here’s what we’re working on:

  • Back up (walking backwards)
  • Bow
  • Go hide (go hide under a chair or table)
  • Leg Weave, me walking while Gracie weaves – very fun and looks very fancy!
  • Pivot – she puts her feet up on a box and pivots around the whole box while not taking her front feet off the box
  • Say your prayers
  • Under Handler (she goes under me while I’m on hands and knees)
  • Walk on hind legs (paws can be on my arm)
  • Sit at a distance of 15 ft. from handler
  • And we get one handler’s choice which is her down stay, with treats on both front paws, which she has to leave while I walk around her in both directions.

Just for fun, I’m also teaching her to wave bye-bye, which will be lots of fun for our therapy visits. Say your prayers, when she gets better at it, will be great for therapy visits too.

She’s pretty good at some of these. Sit at a distance, and the handler’s choice, and walking under me are pretty solid. Backup is almost there, as is go hide. We’re past the beginning stage, but a good bit to go still on bow, leg weave, pivot, say your prayers, and walking on hind legs. But we practice everything every day, and we’ll get there. This is the first time she hasn’t been in any classes since September 2018, so this is class for now – for her and for me. Thank goodness for clues from her breeder/trainer and for YouTube videos. We’ll figure this out!

10 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Business Cards and Tricks

  1. I go to several conference where they ask you to drop your business card in the bowl for a special drawing. Imagine their delight (I mean, what else?!) if they pulled out Gracie’s card!

  2. Nice set. I hope someday to see a video of her routine. I’m not particularly religiously, but I love to see a dog ‘say its prayers’ and play hide and seek. 🙂

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