Hannah and Petey, my new fosters, are settling in, and in the interest of posting things that are more positive and fun or cute, I will try to update you regularly on their process. Kittens are always fun, and we could all use a little fun right now!

These two are about 6-7 months old, and came from a pretty difficult situation. Petey, at least, did not learn to use a litter box, so he gets the luxury crate for a few days until he figures that out. (The home they came from had about 11 cats and 2 litter boxes, so this is not his fault!)

He also has a pretty good upper respiratory infection, so he’s on an antibiotic, twice a day, which is not endearing this very shy cat to me at the moment. He doesn’t seem to be eating either – probably can’t smell his food – so I am hoping not to add insult to injury by having to force feed him. He and his sister also have diarrhea, and I’m waiting on the fecal results. He’s got a lot to overcome, but we will get there.

His sister, Hannah, is a much more outgoing cat, a beautiful dilute calico.

They both arrived with fleas, so have been treated for that, and they smelled something awful – feces on their feet, etc. But flea control had to come before bathing, and they both seem to be doing a good job of grooming themselves and getting the smell level down. I will probably tackle their very long claws tomorrow, but I’m trying not to do everything at once to them!

Hannah is getting 2-3 days of antibiotic too, as a precaution. She’s really not thrilled with that, but she’ll be done with her course much sooner than her brother. We need them both to be well and healthy so we can get them spayed and neutered before the kittens have kittens!

Hannah is a lover. She adores pets and is a purring machine. Neither she nor Petey know what to do with any kind of cat toy…future lesson for both are on the agenda. They’ve been through a lot in the last 24 hours, so I’m letting them relax as best they can and get comfortable with things. Stay tuned for updates, and better pictures (with my camera and not my phone) once they are more relaxed.

9 thoughts on “The Fosters: Hannah and Petey

  1. *heart flutters* Such sweet cats. They may have Giardia or something similar. Hopefully the drugs will help. Between fleas and poop fur, these poor cats have not known what good is. They landed in the right spot.

    1. Yup, we asked for Giardia to be included in the fecal exam. I’ll hear about that on Monday. Life can only get better for these two. We’re looking forward to showing them what a clean environment and good food and care is all about!

    1. Dilute just refers to the colors being muted. There are dilute torties as well. You can google them and see what they look like – very pretty!

  2. I’m way behind on reading posts this week so am seeing things in reverse order. But thank you very much for posting something we can all smile about. We definitely need it! The kittens are so very cute.

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