Hannah and Petey are doing better, settling in and learning the ropes.

Petey has been a bit of an adventure on the litter box end. He wasn’t using it, as I wrote earlier, so he got dog crate accommodations to try to help him understand what a litter box is. Most animals won’t pee and poop in their confinement, but that didn’t bother Petey at all. He peed on the blanket I gave him for a comfy bed, and when I was changing that out, he peed on the newspaper. Since he was avoiding the box, I decided to try a different kind of litter (not clay) and give him a big box which takes up a good bit of the crate space…very hard to avoid. Thankfully he is using it now…we’ll see if that continues.

I’m not sure he had been eating much before I got him either. No poop in over 24 hours, and he sure wasn’t interested in food in my presence. I finally broke down and force fed him a bit yesterday morning, and now he is eating. Sometimes cats (especially sick ones who can’t smell their food) “forget” to eat, and just need a reminder. I’ve seen this work many times. He isn’t eating tons, but he is eating now, and that’s good. He needs food in order to recover.

He is wheezing much less today…still congested in those sinuses, but not wheezing non-stop, so the antibiotics seem to be kicking in. He will have to stay in his crate until I know he is eating well and using his litter box, but his sister comes to the side of his crate to visit often, and to steal his food when she can.

Hannah is quite the piggy with food, so no worries on that count!

I’ve heard a few sneezes from her as well, so she gets to stay on the Clavamox for a couple more days. She also continues to have diarrhea, and fecal tests should be back tomorrow. Hopefully we can get that solved. She is a little less confident in the room with Petey in his crate, but she will still come to me cautiously and she loves her pets. Both of them are scared of toys, which is sad. Working on introducing fun into their world. I suspect they’ve had very little of it.

Claws will get clipped today….wish me luck! Hannah doesn’t hesitate to use them when she’s being medicated, and I need to even out the wrestling match a bit. Since we are social distancing and home A LOT right now, just like everyone, it is nice to have them to focus on. And the dogs to walk, which we can do as much as we want (and will tolerate!)

I hope you’re all well. I’ll try to keep the kitten reports coming. Something positive to focus on in these challenging days.

17 thoughts on “The Fosters, Day 3

  1. I look forward to your posts these days! Upbeat (even if it’s about sick kitties) and happy. It’s a perfect time to foster. Hope you can get the poops under control.

    1. Me too on the poops. Vet called and no parasites, so probably stress and food change. It should level out.

      1. That’s good news. There is propectalin if it doesn’t clear in a few days. Those poor kitties have been through a lot in their short lives. I hope they get adopted together.

    1. It will take them a bit of time still, but they are young enough to come around, thankfully.

    1. Always glad to help. And since we are all social distancing anyway, it is a nice project to have right now!

    1. You win! I will take one kitty with diarrhea in the litter box over four puppies with it any day.

    1. They are on;y 6-7 months, so hoping we can make some good progress relatively quickly. We shall see! Stay tuned for reports.

  2. They look like such lovely cats. I still occasionally have a problem with spraying around the house with my last rescue, general consensus is he is just a bit of an arse, excuse the language. He also gets off on bullying the dog so I don’t think he suffering from a lack of confidence. Hope you see continuing improvement in them especially Petey, will look forward to the posts.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. I’m keeping my paws crossed for some good progress for both of them.

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