No new pictures today. (Well, just one bad one.) Why? you ask? Hannah was acting so odd this morning, panting and drooling non-stop. I thought she might have aspirated a little of the Clavamox this morning, since in true calico style, she’s a wild thing when you try to medicate her. Took her to the vet, and yes, she does have a bit of an upper respiratory thing, like her brother, and she needs to be on the Clavamox a bit longer, but she is also in active labor. Guess we’re not going to be spaying her any time soon.

I thought she might be pregnant, but I didn’t think she was this far along. She is about 6 months and weighs only 7 lbs. Still, her belly was awfully firm, and when she tested negative for parasites (so no worms filling up that belly) I was afraid she was, indeed, pregers. She lived with at least 5 un-neutered males, including at least one brother, who is about to become an uncle or a daddy…not sure which. This is the photo I sent to the rescue Sunday…she just looked a little pregnant, even at just 7 lbs.

Hannah is now settled in a dog crate of her own, with fluffy soft blankeys for the babies to be born on. Probably overnight tonight…we shall see.

And because Petey wants a little attention as well, he was a bit of a stinker yesterday but seems to be repenting. He really doesn’t like the concept of a litter box, and that’s just too bad…he has to get with the program. He decided to release his entire bladder on his bed yesterday, rather than move 2 inches to the litter box, and then sat in it, clearly uncomfortable. I cleaned him and the space up, and since then he has used the litter box. I am hoping the experience was awful enough to convince him of the merits of the litter box.

He sounds soooo much better after nearly four days of Clavamox. He’s on it a bit longer, but he is no longer struggling to breathe and he’s not wheezing anymore, so recovery is in progress. He’s eating well too, and finally had a poop after being here two days. It was tiny, but it was a stool. I’m betting he hadn’t been eating for a bit before he arrived and he is just starting to catch up. He’s stuck in his crate for now, in part until I know he is litter box proficient and eating well, and I don’t want him disturbing the kittens when they’re born either.

In other “exciting” news, I got 20K steps on my Fitbit yesterday, and Hannah had her first solid stool (as in, not diarrhea).

There…you’re all caught up. Stay tuned for kitten pictures. Hopefully they will all be okay and there will be many weeks of cuteness ahead.

12 thoughts on “The Fosters: Hannah, Petey, and ???

    1. Not as full as they are about to be! But really, mom does all the work the first couple weeks,

    1. As long as the kittens are healthy, it is fun having kittens around. Mostly work for momma the first couple weeks, and then me after four weeks. Since we can’t work at all right now, we might as well do kittens.

  1. Wow. Tell you to stay home, and you sure find things to do! Come on, Petey, you can do this. Oh, Hannah…a little mother. So happy she is with you–the best possible place for her to be. Good luck with birthin’ those babies!

    1. I’m glad she’s with me too. The kittens probably wouldn’t have survived where she was.

  2. OMG! You’re going to be a grandma! That’s like winning the lottery. Looking forward to all the cuteness and hope all goes well with Hannah. Petey is a boy being a boy. A very naughty boy!

    1. Yup, Petey has been a naughty boy. Hopefully he shapes up! Still waiting on kittens…

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