This week with the fosters has been quite the ride. Hannah has just gotten sicker and sicker. She’s been to the regular vet three times, but her upper respiratory congestion has gotten worse and worse. I’ve been giving her steam treatments in the bathroom all day, and saline nose drops, and everything I could think of, as well as the antibiotic, but when I went to check on her at 10 p.m. she was just plain down and out, and I was truly afraid she wouldn’t make it through the night.

Thankfully we have a fabulous 24 hour emergency hospital, and my favorite doctor was the one on call tonight. We got Hannah there about 11 p.m. and Dr. Z. agreed with me that Hannah was really is very poor shape. They’ve hospitalized her for 24 hours, put an IV catheter in her, and will be giving her IV antibiotics and decongestants, as well as some Cerenia to help with a little asthma that she seems to have as well as settling her tummy. She hasn’t eaten in over a day, and she’s very dehydrated, and her GI tract probably isn’t absorbing much, according to the vet, so giving the meds IV along with lots of fluids will, hopefully, get her going in the right direction. I have a lot of faith in our local emergency hospital, and am very relieved that she will be monitored for the next 24 hours. She needed so much more help than I could provide.

The kittens inside her are getting large and for a 7 lb cat she resembles something more like a whale right now. I just hope we can get her over the illness hump before the kittens are born, for their sake and for hers.

Petey is headed off to another foster tomorrow. He’s a sweet boy – though he still needs to get that peeing thing under control. Maybe the new foster will think of something I’ve missed that will help him! With Hannah and her kittens I will have my hands very full for awhile, so Petey will get more of the attention he needs with a different foster.

I guess it is a very good thing that my business is completely closed for now. I definitely have time on my hands, and Hannah has done a good job of filling the week so far. But at least I will sleep well tonight, knowing she’s getting the care she needs. She’s a sweet girl, and I’m getting attached to her, and am keeping fingers, toes, paws, and whatever else I can manage crossed that she gets better very soon.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. I know how frightening midnight runs to an animal ER are. I’m hoping that the sickness, meds and treatments don’t adversely affect the kittens. I know, she has to be alive to give birth. Fingers crossed for everyone. Petey too. Maybe the right foster will work for him but it must be scary. Yet another strange place. More fingers crossed.

    1. Yeah, this kittens have had it tough so far. It has to get better. The meds they are using for Hannah are safe ones for the kittens, which has limited our options, but the ER vet feels that she will get more value from them if given IV. Her GI system just isn’t absorbing much right now. I will call midday today and see how she’s doing. And we will miss Petey – he’s a sweetie, but will get better care elsewhere right now since Hannah’s needs are so huge.

      1. Mr. Petey is a very sweet boy. He is a bit shy when I leave the room. Huddles in the back of his crate. As soon as I go in the room he is at the door rubbing and reaching to me. He is in a crate until he does get the peeing thing under control. Yep, he peed in his little bed tonight. I have cat attract in his box and keep showing it to him. I will keep working with him. Such an adorable little cat. He craves attention. He is in good hands with me and you concentrate on his sister. Dear little girl.

      2. Petey definitely loves attention, and I’m glad he’s with you and can get more of it. I had to focus on Hannah so much he got less than he needed and wanted. Two things I learned about him. Give him anything soft and he will pee on it. Last night I just left him in the crate without a blanket, newspaper or anything, and he didn’t pee outside the box. Hated to do that to him, but he has to figure this peeing thing out!! And he never learned about toys, but I introduced him to the Cat Dancer over the last couple days and he started to really like it. He never played full out, but he was batting at it, especially up in the air (not on the ground) and was getting engaged and having fun. Enjoy him – he’s a sweet boy who just needs to come out of his shell a little. Thank you for caring for him

  2. I am happy for the update, but poor Hannah. Anxiously awaiting the next post that she is recouping quite well. Petey–you are such a cutie. Stay sweet. And use the box!

    1. I am hoping for good news too. And Petey did not pee in his crate last night…good start, Petey!

  3. Please keep us posted- We will lift Hannah and you (and even Petey) up in our hearts. It sounds as if she is in the best place possible.

  4. Purrayers for you, and Hannah and Petey and the kittens. It is such a helpless feeling when your cats are sick in ways you can’t help them.

  5. Aww, sending oodles of poodles of POTP for dear Hannah and her kittens. I hope Petey’s new foster are able to help him out and teach him all about being a good kitty around the litterbox.

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