Just a short update for today. Hannah was released from the emergency vet this morning and is here with me, on a boatload of meds. She is still snuffly, but she is breathing comfortably, and she is on an appetite stimulant and eating on her own. Phew!!

Her temperature has dropped, and we don’t know if that’s because she’s feeling better or the kittens are imminent…time will tell. She only weighs 7 lbs or so, so this tummy is pretty big and heavy.

She’s on meds of various sorts, and immune support (L-lysine) as well as eye drops and saline nose drops, so she’ll be getting something or other from me every 6 hours or so, but if it helps her continue to improve, so be it.

Keep up our good thoughts for this sweet kitty. Paws crossed that things keep improving for her, that the kittens are healthy when born, and that she can feed them (maybe with a little supplemental help.)

7 thoughts on “The Fosters: Hannah at home

  1. Glad to read the good news about Hannah! Wishing her all the best and keeping paws crossed!

  2. Good update – sending purrayers and POTP to this sweet girl and her babies. (And all her caretakers,)

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