The Fosters: It’s Always Something

Over the years I’ve learned not to say that I’ve seen everything, even after so many years working with and living with animals. There’s always something new to challenge us (besides the Covid-19 virus).

The little calico kitten gave me something new to learn today. The eyes of the kittens are all open now, but the calico had one eye glued shut, and a swelling about the size of a pea next to that closed eye. I got a warm compress and started to try to wipe it off gently, and much to my surprise, tons of pus came shooting out the swelling. I have to credit seeing this kind of abscess on a variety of vet shows that I watch, so aside from it being a little gross, I knew what it was.

The eye, however, was still glued shut, and the puss indicated infection. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on an antibiotic opthamalic ointment to loosen the crust and start treating her. An hour after she got the ointment, I was able to remove all the crud and she could open her eye.

Terrible photo, because she won’t stand still, but you get the idea! The eye is a little red, but it is at least open, and a few days of antibiotic ointment will probably do the trick. She is the same kitten who had the hardest time breathing and nursing at first, and is definitely the runt of the litter. True to calico spirit, she’s gonna keep me working hard for her! I may need to locate a nurses cap.

In other news, Hannah is now playing and having a wonderful time with my Katipede wand. I love seeing her play finally. She is, after all, just a kitten herself. I’ll try to get you a video tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “The Fosters: It’s Always Something

  1. Good for you – in a position with the antibiotic ointment to treat that poor little eye! Looks like she will be on the mend thanks to your nursing skill!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Eye problems make me real nervous! Glad you were able to work it through. I love the little mousey ears. Then one day overnight they grow humongous and you wonder if they will ever grow into them! 🙂

    1. Eye problems scare me too. Luckily the vet saw her today and said what I’m doing is right. Tonight her eye is actually open…phew!

  3. Purrayers and POTP to you and Hannah and the kittens. But we are partial to calicos…

    1. Thank you. The little one is doing better today, and the vet says we’re doing the right things so she should improve.

    1. Actually, it is a community that is the miracle worker, not me alone. Others had some knowledge I needed and the medication, and we all pool what we have to help. Couldn’t begin to do it alone.

    1. Actually had good colleagues on this too, and between us we knew what to do. Takes a village.

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