Hannah has been very nice about the kittens getting all the attention lately, but she’d like a little love of her own for a moment. She will be ready to find a home for herself sooner than the kittens will, and she wants to show off all her wonderful qualities!

First of all, she’s beautiful, don’t you think?

Hannah had a rough road becoming a momma cat at 6-7 months old, and where she lived wasn’t exactly the Ritz, or even Motel 6. She never learned to play or be a kitten, but we’re working on that now. She is okay with dogs with the right introduction. Gracie and Hannah visit every evening, and Hannah is comfortable enough to play in front of Gracie.

Side story: last evening I let Gracie (on leash) see the kittens for the first time. She was so curious, and just a little bit surprised when Barney, at 350 grams (about 1/2 pound) walked up to 14 lb Gracie and spit at her. I could not stop laughing. David and Goliath.

I wish I could share Hannah’s fur with you as well. She has the satiny fur that some cats have, the kind of fur you want to pet for hours. So soft and soothing. Hannah loves pets, and has a sweet purr. She’s not a lap cat, or at least she isn’t yet, but she’s very happy to come over to get pets from you.

Hannah has been a good momma cat for the most part – which is hard when you’re just a kitten yourself. This will be her one and only litter, fortunately, and in a month or so, hopefully she can start looking for a home of her own while I continue to care for the kittens until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered and go off to homes of their own.

If you live in the Central PA area and you’re looking for a wonderful kitten/cat, let me know. Hannah will be waiting for just the right home.

12 thoughts on “The Fosters: Hannah

  1. Hannah is a very pretty girl and has done an incredible job of being a Mom at such a VERY early age. I know she will make someone a fabulous companion pet and I’m sure in time she will become more and more relaxed and open to snuggling and pets and spoiling rotten (like most cats!). Our Teddy was 11 months when we adopted him and he didn’t know a THING about playing – but he learned in time and Hannah will too. I pray she finds a PERFECT family to join and of course hope the same thing for her kittens. We hope to hear one day soon that Hannah has her forever…………………..thanks for your part in making that even POSSIBLE.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

    1. She was always people-friendly, which was a help, and she’s learning the fun of playing and hopefully snuggling soon! After the kittens are weaned, in a few weeks, I start looking for her forever home!

  2. Oh Barney–I love the little feisty ones. Hannah is a beautiful girl. For all she has been through at such a young age, she deserves good. I will be excited for whoever is lucky enough to have her. You are wonderful.

    1. Barney is definitely fearless! He’s quite the character. And thank you for the good thoughts for Hannah. She definitely deserves a wonderful home after all she’s been through.

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