OK, back to the kittens today. Thought you might need a little cuteness overload. Keep an eye on Barney, the gray kitten, as he tries to dig himself out from under the crowd! Enjoy and have a good Saturday.

13 thoughts on “The Fosters: Cuteness Overload

  1. That is just plain adorable…..those little furry sweeties had poor little Barney buried in the fur-pile but he did a great job of easing himself up. They just get cuter every single day.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. Yeah, it was hard not to laugh at Barney, but he’s tough and up for any challenge.

    1. Thank you for this – I’ll read through all of it. We don’t separate kittens from moms until 3 months, which it looks like this article recommends. Some rescues do 8 weeks, but none that I work with! We wait until we can spay and neuter them to adopt them out, which is good for all involved. Next week we start litter training – woo hoo!

    2. This was an interesting article – thanks again for sending it along. We don’t adopt kittens out until after 12 weeks, but we would separate them from mom if needed after they are eating on their own. Food for thought. There is a lot in the rescue world that challenges everyone these days. Spaying and neutering dogs, especially large dogs, too early (8 weeks) is another of those areas where the well being of the dog may be harmed in the interest of both getting the puppies homes while they are in demand, but wanting to be sure the puppies don’t end up breeding.

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