With the kittens nearing the three week mark, and becoming more mobile, it was time for some changes in the foster room to kitten proof the place. I had a crate set up originally for Hannah and the babies but Hannah would have NONE of that. After letting the kittens rest in the whelping box within the crate she moved the kittens to her favorite spot, behind the futon. And there they have stayed for the last nearly three weeks.

It doesn’t look terribly attractive, but it is warm and free of drafts and Hannah wants the kittens there, so that was that. There’s a nice heating pad under the middle section (the pink and green kitten blanket) and the kittens spent a lot of time there in the beginning. There are a couple layers of blankets everywhere so if they need a break from the heat (and Hannah isn’t a fan of the heated area) they have a comfy place to cool off, and usually to nurse.

But they are starting to find their way under the futon and will eventually appear on the other side of it, so today we spent some time rearranging things and making sure that the kittens couldn’t get in any trouble in the room as a whole when they choose to venture out.

We’ll have to move things again when they get to be 7-8 weeks and can start getting up on things, but we’re good for now. I will be introducing their first litter box this week, something they should start being interested in soon. And in week four, we’ll introduce some small toys. Week four is when vision and coordination start to look more cat-like and less wobbly, so that will be fun.

This is such a fun age, and the kittens are so curious and interested in everything. I’ll work on their week three pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “The Fosters: Room Changes

    1. Hopefully not too much space, but a nice room that should keep them entertained for weeks to come!

  1. Fabulous cat room! love your flooring. So much better than carpeting! When I converted my small bedroom to what I call “sick bay” I opted for an upgraded linoleum that looks like tile. Never regretted it but it’s not as nice as your wood look. Sick cats have accidents. When we ripped out our old carpet, it was pretty disgusting. It’s fun to watch the kitties grow. Sometimes you have to wonder how any survive in nature. We had a freeze last night.

    1. We ripped out the carpet and put in the vinyl flooring last year and it was the best move. Carpet in a foster room just doesn’t work. And lots of kittens don’t survive outside in nature. But cats can get pregnant so often and have reasonably large litters so that balances out all the poor kittens who perish. That’s why I love TNR so much…stops the cycle.

      1. Yup, easy to clean, waterproof. Great stuff. It is technically called Luxury Vinyl Flooring, in case you need to know for the future!

    1. They are a riot to watch. Not yet mobile enough to be trouble with a capital T, so really a lot of fun.

    1. Haha! The gray one, and the others weigh a little more than half a pound and momma weighs 7 lbs. It will be awhile before they catch up to her!

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