Breezy is a very outgoing kitten, full of energy, and the largest of the group. Never late for a meal! And adorable. Someone will be very lucky to be this kitten’s person.

And, unrelated to Breezy, though it could be, one of the kittens used the litter box this evening – woo hoo!! I started introducing it a couple days ago and hadn’t had any success yet, but I popped in on the kittens after dinner and someone had used it. Hannah can’t possibly fit in it since it is partially under the couch where the kittens camp, so it had to be a kitten. Hope it is the start of a good trend.

12 thoughts on “The Fosters: Breezy

  1. These kittens and their mother are happy, healthy and well-fed due to your kindness and diligence. I look forward to these posts, as they help show the best side of humanity amid all the darkness going on right now.

    1. Thanks. I think we all need a little light in the midst of tough days. I’m glad to have the kittens and Hannah for a little light, and glad to share them with everyone else!

    1. So far, she’s just sweet, and very outgoing. Very lovey. Want to be on my lap and held,

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