One of my advantages as a foster for cats and kittens is that I can introduce them to dogs, which drastically increases their chances of being adopted. Gracie has been spending time with Hannah and lately with the kittens as well, and we’ve gone from kittens spitting at Gracie to acceptance and even wanting Gracie’s attention.

Here are a couple videos #1 and #2 of Gracie and the kittens, and you’ll see that Hannah is quite nonchalant about Gracie as well. In the first video you’ll see Bonnie (gray), who is very relaxed with Gracie, even goes for a kiss! Bebe (calico) is very comfortable with Gracie there too. And in the second one, Breezy (buff) actually paws Gracie for a little attention when Gracie is ignoring her. By the time these kittens are ready to go to their forever homes they will probably be wrestling with Gracie!

Gracie now knows the word “babies” and when I ask her if she wants to see the babies she races up to the door of the foster room, tail going a mile a minute. Best part of her day for sure. She really misses visiting as a therapy dog, but this helps a little.

I’m working on the kitten’s one month old photos…stay tuned. I want to get really good ones for this milestone if I can.

22 thoughts on “The Fosters: The episode in which Gracie plays with the kittens

  1. Well this “training” to be accepting of dogs will serve these little kids well in their forever homes when they find them that’s for sure!

    Hugs, Pam

      1. I’m sure they will be posted – probably at least a month before the kittens are big enough

    1. That tail is a lethal weapon with the babies!! Pretty soon they will be big enough to manage it.

      1. Barney turned out to be Bonnie, and she’s doing great. Working on the one month photos of everyone.

      2. Ha! I wondered when no mention of Barney…I feed an outdoor cat we were calling Princess White Paws. Turned out she was a Prince!

  2. Awww, sweetness overload! But keep it coming!! Ducky might be that gentle and sweet with 3-week-old kittens, but I don’t know for sure. Good Girl, Gracie!!!

    (BTW, how’s Bodhi doing?)

    1. Bodhi is doing fine. Happy to have Marley around fulltime and enjoying his four long walks each day.

    1. They are growing up very fast. All of them at at the top or over their weight goals for this age!

    1. This isn’t Gracie’s first episode with kittens, so she’s gaining some good skills in helping kittens get comfy with dogs.

      1. While Norman is very sweet, I’d be terrified with him around kittens. Elsa has too high a prey drive and views most little things as if they’re all squirrels. So sweet to see Gracie wagging her tail yet being so calm around them.

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