I finally have pictures of the kittens at around four weeks old, plus or minus a day or two. They are so much more active now so it is a little harder to get their attention for a photo shoot, but my hubby helped and I got some pictures I’m reasonably satisfied to post. In the process I got some fun ones of mileposts for the kittens, and I’ll work on those for a future blog.

All five of the kittens are either at the top of the normal weight range for their age (Bebe) or well above (all the rest!) Four of the kittens are already in the five week weight category, and all are doing well. This week we are working on litter box training and introducing toys. Lots of new things happen weekly from here on it, and it should be a fun ride.

So here they are!






13 thoughts on “The Fosters: Four Weeks Old

    1. Thank you. I want to get photos that show them off well in hopes of finding them great forever homes. Good photos make a difference!

      1. They do. Although I did adopt Gracie because she looked like a pathetic creature. That and she was gray and one-eyed just like Morgan. She is nothing like Morgan but she was also a great adoption. She’s just not very photogenic. These little ones deserve a great home. No time on the streets for them! Hope their mama gets a great home too.

      2. A sad story is another great way to find a kitten a home. Sad stories and great pictures both grab the heart strings.

  1. You did great! The expressions on each of their faces….. Bonnie still holds a special space in my heart. Look at that little paw!

  2. Those are incredible photos! Well done. They’re all so cute, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But the waving paw…oh my gosh…beyond adorable! They should be able to find fur-ever homes quickly with you as their ‘adoption agent.’

    1. That was a very lucky shot of Bonnie! I love it too. And from your finger’s to adopters ears about getting them all homes quickly when they are ready!!

  3. Aw, they’re all adorable; but if I were to pick one for myself, it would have to be Bebe. She grabbed my heart strings right from the start.

    Great pix, btw! I’m looking forward to the next set!

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