The kittens have almost completed their sixth week of life and they are a wild bunch, as they should be at this point. We are all about milestones these days, as the babies meet one after another.

The first big one…and sorry if this is a little gross, but it is a big deal.

First poop in the litter box! For those of you who don’t know puppies and kittens, mom cleans them and eats what they excrete for some weeks. The kittens have been peeing in the litter boxes for a couple weeks, but this was the first poop this week. Which follows from another milestone: two of the kittens (Bebe and Bertie) are chowing down on canned kitten food!

I started separating mom from the kittens for 3-4 hours a day because she was feeding them nearly every hour, and I couldn’t ever start introducing canned food to them because they were never hungry. All except Bebe are ahead of their normal weight for their age, and Bebe is right on target, so a little time away from mom each day isn’t going to hurt, and it gives mom a break too. I’ve left some canned food for them, and a couple days in Bebe and then Bertie started eating from the dish, and they are eating pretty full meals (which in turn leads to pooping in the litter box.) The other kittens will sometimes eat from my hand, which is the precursor to eating from the bowl. I’m not forcing anyone, but they get an invitation to try the food daily.

Play is the other thing that’s big this week. We are into playing and wrestling as much as possible.

Grooming is going on now too, so mom doesn’t have to do all the work. I caught Breezy grooming and she was mildly annoyed to be disturbed.

No pictures for this one, but everyone got front claw nail trims this week. That was fun. Lots of kitten burritos to prevent me from getting scratched to bits. I kept the sessions short and have been handling paws in general so the kittens will get used to nail trims young.

And at the end of the day, and often during the day for a power nap or two, the kittens sleep. They still squish themselves into one bed, which is ridiculously cute. I can’t see how they will fit for much longer, but they seem to enjoy curling into one big ball.

Sleep tight, little ones. There are more milestones ahead.

15 thoughts on “The Fosters: Week 5/6 milestones

  1. So I almost spit out my coffee when I opened your blog to pic#1, but I get it. 😉 All is good and little victories add up. So happy to see them growing up safe and sound. Thank you for a wonderful start to a nice, sunny Mother’s Day!

    1. It was not my usual photo, was it?! Happy Mother’s Day, Connie. Miss seeing you and the kitties and Lulu.

  2. Happy Mommy’s Day to a wonderful Foster Mom…..those kittens are getting cuter every day and I know it has to be rewarding to see them progressing so well – on their way to wonderful lives I’m sure all because they were given a good start and a chance.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. It is rewarding, indeed. All the worry about Hannah’s health early on was worth it to see everyone thriving.

    1. Glad it brightened your day! And I don’t usually open with poop, but it is a big deal and a good sign. The Kitten Lady (Hannah Shaw) even created a poop wheel of color to show what is normal and what isn’t, and the first poop was absolutely perfect.

  3. Oh, us Pet Moms (Foster Moms included!)!! We do love to see perfect poops, don’t we? Hehe! I check Ducky’s almost every day – now that she’s getting close to senior status – to be sure all is still well with her. This little girl has seen me through so much. I can’t let her down by not taking the best care of her that I can. We have our challenges – like a HuDad with dementia – but we meet them together.

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