There aren’t that many milestones to report this week, which is normal at this point. We toodle along gaining weight and enjoying the world at this stage. Still working on getting everyone to start eating, which is mostly successful. I have to isolate Hannah for a few hours a day so the kittens get hungry enough to eat real food, and they now get food at breakfast and dinner when Hannah does too. Two of the kittens head right for the bowls – Bebe (to be Daisy in her new home) and Bertie. The others are still considering the matter, and eat sometimes. It will change over time…they’re still young.

So this week, I thought mostly pictures would tell the story, and a video at the end which shows you what they spend the vast majority of their days doing…we can hear their feet thundering from the first floor below!

And the major activity of most days…

Have a good week!

14 thoughts on “The Fosters: Week 6-7

  1. Oh my gosh. They are adorable. They are the luckiest cats to have you as their Foster mother.

    1. They are absolutely adorable! And I’m lucky to have them as foster kittens.

    1. You should hear them when they are running around. If we’re in the living room downstairs we hear tons of feed running back and forth – just a riot. And a sign that they are happy and healthy!

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