Gracie is two today. Time has absolutely flown by, and we’ll be having a small birthday party with her sister today, and Gracie’s breeder, Bodhi and Gracie’s mom get to come too, so we’re looking forward to that. We’re meeting at the training center which has been closed since March, and there will just be three of us and four dogs in a huge space, but Gracie will love getting to run with her sister, Blanche. And I got them birthday hats to wear as well.

Gracie is bored being home all the time, and not out doing pet therapy visits, but that’s the way it goes for now. We do lots of walks, and play some fetch, and she visits the kittens daily. Not much else to report, so I though it might be fun just to look at some of my favorite photos over the last two years. Gracie is ridiculously photogenic, and loves the camera. So here goes.

Baby Gracie, first day home
Gracie and her Snuggle Puppy
Even wet she’s cute!
Therapy dog! With her mom, Portia, and Betsy, her breeder and still one of her favorite people. We’re at the police department here.
Dressed for a Christmas therapy dog visit…not too thrilled with the hat!

Fetch, one of her favorite things. I didn’t even have to teach her…she did it from the first days.

So Happy Birthday Gracie Girl, and many many more please.

27 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Happy Birthday!

    1. It is, absolutely, in the eyes. As my sister (Ogee) says: in photography, if you get the eyes right, everything else is forgiven.

  1. So judging from her Christmas bonnet, I’m not sure she’ll like the party hat, but the birthday treats will more that make up for it! Happy Birthday sweet girl. 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure the hats won’t last longer that it takes for me to get a photo!

      1. She’s like Sasha. I have a really hard time with Gracie. She’s a shade darker than Morgan and get’s lost in shadows more than Jake, the all black shiny cat. I guess it’s about the lighting. I also try to get her side with the eye so I don’t gross people out. We are used to it but some people aren’t.

  2. Happy Barkday Gracie – and many more ! What a beautiful therapy dog you have become !

  3. Awwww. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!!! Sorry I’m late sweetie, but it’s been a tough week for Ducky so I haven’t been doing much besides doing what I can to help her deal with “Daddy’s” alternate persona.

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