Sorry to be so quiet here. Been getting my business up and running again, at a much smaller volume than usual of course. Not that many people traveling, and I certainly don’t blame them! But trying to get the pieces and people organized.

I wanted to post pictures of the three kittens that are still available for adoption, and will work on photos of all 5 for their 12 week photo shoot, but here are my three that are still not spoken for. Cuties all!

Babs again

14 thoughts on “The Fosters: Some 11 week pictures

  1. Such adorable faces………….they are well set up for a happy life thanks to YOU! Hope they find forevers soon – where they will continue to thrive and enjoy happy days for many, many years.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Adorable. If only I were horrifically allergic to kitties. Good luck finding fur-ever homes for these guys. Little Breezy tugs on my heartstrings, though Babs and Bertie are pretty irresistible.

    1. Breezy is my only one who absolutely hates dogs. Gracie is such a good little ambassador but Breezy will have NONE of it. Hisses, spits, and tries to swat, and that hasn’t changed in two months. Guess she will need a home without dogs!!

      1. She is pretty docile, and a bit reserved…unless there’s a dog in the room!

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