With the kittens at the three month mark, and scheduled for their spay/neuters in upcoming weeks, I am knee deep in applications for them. Two were spoken for many weeks ago, but I am looking at applicants for the other four (three kittens and Hannah).

I have what seems to be an excellent home for Hannah where she doesn’t have to be mommy-cat anymore, and at 10 months, can finally have her kittenhood without being sick or pregnant or nursing the gang. The adopter is coming to meet her this week, but has already made up her mind about Hannah, so I have my paws crossed for her.

I have had multiple applications for the kittens, and some approved adopters coming to meet them this week, but the problem kitten may be Breezy. She’s a little bit shy, and shy is definitely harder to adopt out.

She’s a really beautiful kitten so she gets all kinds of interest. But two potential adopters have met her so far and they were both expecting me to be wrong about her being a bit reserved and warming up slowly. Breezy isn’t going to give you love on the spot, and she’s not terribly excited about being held. The first adopter was disappointed and wanted to come back a second time to see if she had changed. (No…that’s her personality.) And the second adopter tried picking her up five minutes after she tried the first time, and was disappointed that Breezy hadn’t warmed up in those five minutes. Sigh.

Breezy is a lovely kitten, and she does warm up but it takes time and she needs to do that at her own pace, and not on demand. She also gets her confidence from other cats, and I don’t think she would do well as a solo cat. She can always be found sleeping with her arm draped over one of the other kittens. When I bring out a new toy four of the kittens are on it immediately, and Breezy waits to see how it works and if others like it before she comes to check things out. That’s just her personality, and it ain’t gonna change.

I will be curious to see how it goes for Breezy. Many people want an immediate love connection, and that’s just not Breezy’s style. She is very sweet and loving — though never thrilled about being picked up and held, even by me. But she’s delighted to be pet and purrs up a storm, and she is a beautiful cat with exquisite markings. She plays up a storm once she’s comfortable. She does hate dogs, the only one of the kittens who hates our dogs…so that will limit her chances a little bit too.

I am bemused by the folks that come to visit her wanting a really social cat, and I have one – Bertie is Mr. Social Party Animal. He’s more like a dog than a cat. He’s also a black cat…they don’t want a black cat. Grrrrr. Going for looks and not the personality that fits for you and your home…not wise.

And so it goes with the adoption process. A very interesting one. The kittens won’t be neutered for three weeks yet, so there’s plenty of time. Someone who looks like a wonderful adopter who wants two kittens is coming to meet the three available (Breezy, Bertie, and Babs) later this week, and we’ll see what he thinks. In the meantime, I’ll keep processing applications…

22 thoughts on “The Fosters: Shy Cats

  1. My middle child, Piper, is a lot like Breezy. She does not like to be picked up and is not what I would call a ‘cuddler.’ When I sit down, she waits a bit and then jumps on my legs. If I pet her, she’s gone. She just likes to be near me…without me noticing. I’ll take that. As you say, that is her personality. One thing, though–she is my bathroom buddy. I don’t dare close the door because she wants to be in there with me. Silly cat! But I love her! Good luck. Oh, and little Bertie… people are weird.

    1. People are weird, definitely! If I were going to keep a kitten for pet therapy work, I would keep Bertie. He is so social and outgoing. And thanks for your good thoughts for Breezy. I know she’ll find the right home where someone appreciates her.

  2. Our Hope cat is like Breezy. She was born to a feral mother under our old house, had to be trapped as a kitten along with the rest of her family, and has always been a more reserved and shy one, until she was about 11 years old. At 13, she sleeps on me now, and doesn’t like to move over. Her bother Marcus was always a sunny one and very friendly. Cats develop on their own time frame.

    I’ve never understood the black cat rejection thing. Humans are odd members of the animal kingdom.

    1. That’s so fun that Hope has developed into a more social kitty as she ages. So sweet! Cats definitely develop in their own time frame, just like people.

  3. That shy thing is a rouse. I adopted your last “shy” cat. She was only shy for 48 hours then all hell broke loose and it hasn’t stopped. She jumps in my lap (who thought she would be a lap cat?) whenever the spirit moves her even if it’s inconvenient for me. She was holding out for a sucker and she found one. We love her. On the other hand my Hazel was a feral kitten and while she warmed up, she would never get the Miss Congeniality award (for people — for cats, they all loved her). And so it goes. What is it with black cats. They are wonderful and all different. Jake was a blessing (and a bit of a pain sometimes but was good one). Glad that Hannah has an interested party. Mamas are overlooked.

    1. Come to think of it, I wonder if Sasha left some kind of cat note in my foster room that says “for a good home act shy…Kate will take you!”

  4. I will be hoping that a real love match happens for the kittens still on the hunt for a home. Breezy is precious….there’s a wonderful look in her eye – she reminds me a whole lot of Teddy – he’s total love bug but on his terms. He’s always been that way from the minute we adopted him. He doesn’t like to sit on laps or sleep with his humans – he’s independent like that but it doesn’t slow him down with showing affection. Cats are all different and I’ve ALWAYS liked that about them. Breezy will find someone who understands her I hope. I’m glad Hannah is spoken for – that’s wonderful. The other “still availables” will find their forevers I’m SURE of it – they are just too adorable to resist!

    Hugs, Pam

  5. Awwww. Like others have said, Breezy – as well as Bertie and Babs – will find her forever home, I’m certain of it. And what is it about black cats and black dogs that make people so wary of them?! Some people ARE weird!

    Ducky was black as coal when she was a puppy, and most people totally ignored her when looking in the puppy room at the shelter. The couple who adopted and brought her back within the same week said she was “food aggressive”. They just didn’t understand her – she wanted to be allowed to eat in peace, and at her own pace, without their other dog approaching her – and she’s STILL that way. I put her food bowl down in front of her and walk away so she can eat in peace. Would they have been so quick to return her if her fur had been white, tan, or spotted? I don’t know – and I don’t really care since we have her and love her to the ends of the universe and back.

  6. She is beautiful. We had a female cat that we named Abbey who was very shy when she came to live with us, but she warmed up to me and became a great lap cat.

  7. She really is a great looking kitty but for a potential adoptee rejecting her because she didn’t immediately warm up them is bizarre. Those kinds of people would be immediately ash-bined if I were in charge. Same with anyone nixing a black kitty just based solely on color. 🙄

    1. Some people seem to need an immediate love connection, which is fine, but all the info on Breezy says that she takes some time to warm up. It is tiresome that folks think that doesn’t apply to them. And the black cat thing is just stupid.

      1. Makes rejecting potential folks easy without having to invest time sorting through the pile of applicants. People who don’t read (or who fail to comprehend adoption procedures) really irritate me. Can you tell? LOL

      2. Unfortunately I’ve done all the work to approve people as adopters before they meet the cats, so a waste of my time. But that’s the way it goes. I have another applicant for Breezy right now who says she wants a really sweet cat who wants to be loved. We will have a good conversation about Breezy when I get to the phone interview part.

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