It has come around again – it is Bodhi’s Gotcha Day! Four years ago, at the ripe age of 4 1/2, we adopted Bodhi from Castaway Critters. His original person had died unexpectedly, and the relatives didn’t want a lab who had been born blind. He wasn’t yet neutered. He had fleas and Lyme disease. And they took him to the vet to be euthanized.

The vet had them surrender Bodhi (then Buddy) instead, got him fixed up a bit, and Castaway Critters took him in. As soon as I saw his info I wanted him. Marley was worried that he wouldn’t be able to go on long walks, but he and Bodhi had a good long walk at the meet and greet, and we went back that afternoon and adopted the guy.

He had calluses on all his legs – still does – from lying around non-stop. Our vet thinks he probably had four years of unrelenting boredom, (After some months of boredom during quarantine recently, we have even more sympathy for that!) He knew nothing about being a dog. He never even put his nose to the ground to sniff things. Each time we took him anyplace he was so hugely overstimulated he could barely manage himself.

So we spent a year teaching him to be a dog, and letting him know he now had a real life. He learned to walk wonderfully with the help of some bells that a wonderful trainer told us about. Once he’d calmed down and realized he had a life now, we took him to obedience and eventually nosework classes. He did fine in the obedience work, but you could tell he wasn’t into it. He loved the nosework, however, and took several classes and enjoyed them no end.

Bodhi is Daddy’s dog – totally attached to Marley. If I get the leash out for a walk and call him, Bodhi runs to Marley. Which is why I had to get Gracie, so Mommy would have a dog too!

Bodhi loves the beach, and is absolutely fearless there.

He loves sitting on Marley’s lap — all 70 lbs of him – and they watch TCM together. Bodhi’s gotten a pretty thorough education in classic movies.

He has been amazingly healthy, except for one disease I’d never heard of before. He has diabetes insipidus, which means he is missing the anti-diuretic hormone. He started leaking urine all the time a few years ago, which is unusual for male dogs, and that turned out to be the problem. He gets a drop in his eye morning and evening that supplies the hormone for about 12 hours. If we forget to give him a dose, we will know it very quickly!

He’s one the world’s friendliest dogs – loves everyone, though Gracie tests his patience. He tolerates her, but I wish he’d give her a good correction sometime. He never has…never learned, but they manage well enough. Gracie just wants to play and an 8 1/2 year old lab isn’t all that interested in the play of a youngster. Our two dogs before Bodhi and Gracie were barking machines, and Gracie has her barking moments. But Bodhi barks once, once a year. We have no idea what triggers it.

He’s a fabulous dog, and we were lucky to snag him. I don’t mean this cruelly, but the passing of his first person was probably one of the best things to ever happen to him. He has a good life, with lots of long walks with Dad, field trips, and the occasional beach vacation. And he is very much loved.

Happy Gotcha Day Bodhi. And many, many more.

12 thoughts on “Bodhi Chronicles: Gotcha Day

  1. Happy “gotcha” day. He is so lucky to have you guys in his life! What a sweet boy!

  2. Awwww, Happy Gotcha Day Bodhi!! You are where you were meant to be. And you are dearly loved, as you deserve to be.

    Callie was a month shy of 8-1/2 and Shadow a month shy of 8 when we adopted Ducky (who was just 7 months), so I feel for Bodhi. All Ducky wanted to do was play, too. And all the big girls wanted was to snuggle with each other and walk/play with me. Thank goodness we had (and still have) a great doggie daycare where she could play with dogs her own age, and a little older, who could keep up with her. And after Callie left us, Shadow rarely corrected Ducky either. The one time she did, it surprised us all. So I hear you!!

    1. Yeah, having a youngster in the house has been a bit of a challenge for Bodhi. Luckily he doesn’t seem to have a temper and just puts up with her with a sigh!

  3. I am glad you have Bodhi. Wishing him a happy birthday! Sometimes stories like his have beautiful fairy tale endings. He couldn’t be in a better place.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Bodhi – and many more. Much as your original owner loved you, you sure landed in a great place !

  5. Oh my heavens! Hard to believe the relatives were willing to have this lovely boy euthanized. Congrats to you for adopting him-Bodhi is a very lucky boy. Best wishes on his Gotcha Day. 🦴🎉🦴🎉🦴🎉

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