An amazing thing happened today. Breezy – my previously shy kitten – decided not to be shy with some potential adopters today, and got herself committed to be adopted along with her sister, Babs. (Breezy is the buff-colored one.)

Many people have applied for her, and some have come to meet her and she’s been cool and reserved, and made no connection with them. To be fair to her, at least one walked in and picked her right up, and who would love that?

The only thing that was different today was that a couple came, and Breezy walked right up to the husband, who had already fallen in love with her photo. Breezy stuck to him the whole visit, playing with his shoe laces and climbing on his outstretched legs. All her other visitors have been female…maybe Breezy is a daddy’s girl.

At any rate, they wanted sibling sisters, and they loved Babs as well, so they will take both of them once they are fixed, about 10 days from now. And that leaves one…my very sweet black male cat, Bertie. Sigh. Black male cats are often the last selected. Sigh again.

The good thing is that Bertie is fine with dogs, and there’s a local bookstore where we have our adoptable cats wandering around so folks can meet them (and apply for them.) The store has a resident dog as well, so cats have to be okay with the dog, but if Bertie isn’t selected by the time he’s ready to go, he’ll go to the bookstore. He’s sooooo friendly and outgoing, that I can’t imagine he won’t find a home among the bookstore patrons.

I understand that there are quite a few kittens in the queue waiting for foster spaces, so I don’t think there will be a whole lot of time between this group and the next. I just asked for a couple days to clean the room. Trying to so much as sweep the floor with five “helper” kittens assisting…let’s just call it a waste of time. Either that, or a comedy act.

Hannah goes to her home Sunday, and two of the kittens go to theirs on Tuesday am. The final three will get their surgeries and rabies shots 7/13, some recovery time, and then off to new lives. And I will clean up the room, and start all over again. The life of a foster mom.

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: And Then There Was One

  1. Bless your heart……being a foster Mom is truly a “mixed bag” isn’t it. You LOVE giving the cats a good start in their lives and finding happy homes for them but saying goodbye CAN be tough….there’s a lot of bonding that happens along the way. So happy to hear about Breezy and Babs…..and Bertie will find himself a great home too. Success…..totally!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

    1. After years of fostering, I don’t feel a huge amount of sadness in the kittens/cats leaving. I love ’em while I have them, but am so glad to see them go off to good homes. Gracie isn’t going to be happy to see them go – she’s not used to fostering yet, but she’ll get there!! And keeping paws crossed for a wonderful home for Bertie too.

  2. Breezy is precious. So happy she and her sister will have a home together. Bertie–you are such a handsome guy. Your someone special is out there; I am so sure of that. No chance of a foster fail **wink, wink**, is there? You do such a great job with all these little ones. Must be very melancholy to see them go.

    1. If I was going to keep one it would be Bertie, but it isn’t a good time to add a cat to our home with our most senior cat in very poor shape. She doesn’t need the aggravation of a kitten running around with heart problems, kidney disease, and cancer. Her last days/months should be quieter. I am actually happy to see the kittens all get good homes – that’s why I foster!

  3. Such great news. Sweet Bertie! I’ve had two black ones and they definitely made an impact. Even five years after his death Jake is a legend in this house! Fingers crossed for Bertie.

    1. Hopefully Bertie will be a legend, too, in whatever home he finds! Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Awwww, I’m so glad Breezy and Babs have a forever home to go to!! And I’m sure Bertie will have one soon. People who pass on animals just because their fur is black really baffle me. What difference does it make what color their fur is?! Gimme a break! When Ducky was a pup, her fur was black except for one little streak of white and one of brown. Yet, she was constantly passed over until I found her. And to us, she’s the sweetest little girl. And fun. And loving. I wouldn’t give her up for anything. All those people who passed her by will never know what they’ve missed out on.

    1. Ducky must have been waiting just for you. Thank goodness there are plenty of folks out there who think black animals are just as wonderful as those with any other color!

  5. This post is bittersweet. Glad Breezy and Babs have found their peeps and will keep my fingers crossed for Bertie. It’s so weird that black dogs and cats are the last to be considered and adopted. Keeping my fingers crossed someone steps up; he’s a cutie. Maybe you can pitch a comedy to Netflix on cleaning with kittens. We can all use extra laughs. Have a great weekend.

    1. I really should record trying to sweep up with “help” from the kittens – it is pretty funny!

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