Wet Dog and Thank You

We’ve had a nice, soft rain, and moderate temps today, which is a relief from the hot days we’ve been having. Gracie was not exactly thrilled to ruin her hairdo out in the rain, but she’ll dry.

Not too much to report, but I wanted to pop on and thank everyone for their kind comments about Lily earlier this week. Between sending Hannah to her forever home on Sunday (I hear she’s doing wonderfully), then letting Lily go over the rainbow bridge Monday, and sending two other kittens to their forever home Tuesday, it has been a weird week. Three kittens are still with me, and get their surgeries on Monday, and then at least two go off to their forever home at the end of next week. Still working on the last one.

Anyway, thank you for your kind thoughts. I was a little too fried to respond at the time, but your wonderful words were very much appreciated. Have a good weekend.

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