The Fosters: Final Answer!

I can finally write the last chapter (for me) on the remaining kittens. All has been diagnosed, and decided, and they will be headed home very soon.

Bertie has a wonderful home to go to, and is leaving tomorrow (Saturday). His new family includes a nurse and a physician, so I don’t have any worries at all that he will get great medical care! He’ll have a dog to play with too, and Bertie has always enjoyed Gracie, so I think he’ll enjoy a canine companion.

Babs was our big question mark, with that big lump on her back. They removed it during her spay surgery, and as you can see, it isn’t a pretty picture!

It was sent off for a biopsy, and we got the results today: it is not a tumor! It is just granulation tissue, the result of a claw from another cat, or maybe some kind of trauma (falling off a cat tree) or something of the sort. It isn’t cancer. It won’t come back. All is good. HUGE sigh of relief.

Babs and Breezy will go together to their new home next Friday after I remove the sutures, and they have an amazing space waiting for them with a big window, a great cat tree, and tons of bird feeders outside to watch. Breezy absolutely feel in love with the husband of this couple, and I would put really good money on her being a daddy’s girl…big time.

After they leave next Friday, I will be kitten-less for a couple days, while I give the cat room a good cleaning, and then a mom and three kittens will be joining us.

In the meantime, our foster dog comes tomorrow…never a dull moment. I’m told the dogs fly out of rescue. She will need to be spayed (5 years old and not spayed…sigh) so we’ll have her at least a few weeks before all that gets scheduled and done. I’m hoping that Leelu (her name) and Gracie will have some fun together…stay tuned for pictures and stories.

Have a great weekend.

14 thoughts on “The Fosters: Final Answer!

  1. Such great news for all! Babs–you are a trooper, little one. Such a relief. They are all going to such great homes…little kisses sent their way.

  2. What wonderful news about Babs…….and the BEST news is that everyone has a forever home. I hope they all have wonderful lives, tons of fun and I’m sure they will remember the wonderful lady who cared for them, loved them, and made it possible for them to find their forever homes. Well done!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. I will remember this group as well. It is the second time I’ve had kittens from birth to adoption, and that’s always special.

  3. Poor Babs! Hairless back and all but great news! I’m happy for them all but was prepared to make a mad dash and scoop up Breezy. She may prefer men. Hazel liked my husband better. Looking forward to dog posts for a change.

    1. Dog posts coming soon! By weekend’s end, I’m sure. Leelu is a real cutie.

  4. Ear rubs all around from me, too!! Soooo happy about the news of Babs’ granular growth, and that Bertie has his forever home!! Give Gracie and Bodhi belly rubs for me – just because!

  5. Bittersweet for you, we guess, but such good news for the kittens, and we know that’s how you feel too. “Live long and prospurr!”

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