The newest kitty fosters arrived today, all with names starting with F. I don’t know a lot about them yet, except that poor momma kitty (Freya) was found in bad shape, weighing only 4 pounds, and no one was sure she was going to make it. She was nursing kittens, weighing 4 pounds. Not a good situation.

Kittens all had Coccidia, a parasite, and ear mites, and have needed lots of care, which one of the other Castaway fosters provided for several weeks. She got the really stinky part of the deal, and we are all very grateful. Their poop still doesn’t smell spectacular, but I’m sure it is better than it was. They are about 8 weeks old now, so they will be with me a couple months, plus or minus.

Mom is a little shy for a few hours, and then all she wanted was loving. The clown in the group is Farley, the gray and white one, who was playing with all the toys in the room within half an hour of arriving. He’s the wild child of the group…there’s always one. I know he looks very angelic in his first picture below. Don’t be fooled.

So mostly pictures for now…stories when I know more about them.

Farley (boy)

Finley (boy)

Frida (female, long haired beauty!)

Freya, momma cat

First meals for everyone. Momma gets her own dish.

Welcome little ones! I hope you enjoy your stay.

15 thoughts on “The Fosters: The New F Gang

  1. So sad that so many cats/kittens have such a rough start but it sounds like they are all well on their way to bright futures AND they’re adorable (of course!).

    Hugs, Pam

    1. It is definitely hard to see all the kittens in the world who start life so rough. These ones, at least, will have brighter lives, thankfully.

  2. It is sad that so many have it rough, but they won the golden ring with you. These just warm my heart–such beauties–all of them. That wild child is gonna’ be some kind of fun!

    1. Yeah, the wild child is already showing his true colors trying to escape the foster room. He will be a handful!

  3. Welcome to F-Troop! Such cuties. You’re right, I think “Lt. Farley” is going to provide some interesting adventures. Bless you for opening your heart and home for these babies. May you be rewarded times two. 😻

  4. OMC!!! Mama Cat and her babies are precious!! You are an angel on Earth welcoming these – and other – kitties into your home and excellent care! Farley is my favorite of this group – any animal baby dubbed “wild child” automatically gains a place in my heart (just ask Ducky 🥰).

    1. Just let me know if you need to adopt the wild child – he’ll be available in September. Wouldn’t want you to be low on wild childs!

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