I feel like I’ve left something undone this morning. There are no kittens in the foster room. I don’t have to go scoop, feed, freshen the water, and visit. The last of the F Troop went home yesterday, and from what I’ve heard everyone is settling in and doing well. I did all the cat laundry, scrubbed the litter boxes, cleaned food dishes, and wiped the room down, and vacuumed yesterday, and the room is ready for the next group. They will be coming later this week…three kittens without a mom. This was a group that was bottle fed. I can’t wait to meet them. It feels really strange being catless in the foster room.

In the meantime, Leelu has been doing pretty well. She has gotten VERY comfortable here, and she and Gracie are often together. I think Gracie will miss Leelu when she (hopefully!) goes off to her forever home. Before I can put her up for adoption she gets a dental on Tuesday, and she has a mole that needs to be removed and biopsied at the same time. She had blood work and it was all perfect, thankfully. She absolutely hates the camera, but I got at least one decent shot of her to post on the adoption page eventually.

This one doesn’t show off all of her, but it somehow shows who she really is, at least to me. Sweet, playful, and a little timid about the world, but ready for a wonderful home.

She has her glitches, like many dogs who find themselves in rescue, but in a calm home with adults only, and a companion dog who is well-balanced, she will do well.

Otherwise the days go along. I’ve been enjoying teaching the dog training classes, and I’m working on a class to introduce dog fitness as a possible program at the training studio. We’ll see what the level of interest might be. Gracie has been learning some of the exercises with me, a nice new training challenge for both of us. A lot of the doggie fitness stuff is geared to dogs who do sports – agility, flyball, etc.- but some of it is just good basic body awareness and strengthening that can help any healthy dog, so we continue to explore and learn.

And we are all enjoying the cooler days and nights. I love fall! Summer wasn’t fun at all this year. So hot and humid and with all the restrictions of the pandemic, it won’t be on my top ten list of favorite summers, but we made it through, and are enjoying the cooler days that are fabulous for dog walking. We could probably use all the signs for various candidates up for election as an obstacle course to practice loose leash walking! I will be very glad when the election is over…at least I hope I will be. I fear for the state of our country at the moment, and am hoping we can usher in a more hopeful time.

Enjoy your Sunday. I’m off to walk some dogs, and then have a couple classes to teach this afternoon while a pork roast cooks away in the crock pot.

11 thoughts on “Musings on a fall Sunday

  1. Ooooh, that’s scary – I’ll be putting a pork roast in my crock pot later; and I fear for the state of our country, too.

    Meanwhile I’m glad all the F Troop kitties are home now. And that Leelu has grown comfortable in her foster home. Hopefully, that will help her to easily find and transition to her forever home. You will miss her too when the time comes.

    And the doggie fitness class sounds interesting!

    Have a great day!!

    1. My fingers, toes, and paws are all crossed for Leelu, She deserves a wonderful home. Hope you have a great day too!

  2. Love crock pot dishes! So easy peasy. We are having leftover chicken soup. I get a lot of mileage out of a rotisserie chicken. Glad all the kitties found homes. Fingers crossed for Leelu. She’s a sweetie in her own way.

    1. I love crock pot stuff too. That’s pretty much all I do in fall and winter. Not only easy peasy, but it makes several meals at once which means I don’t need to make dinner every single night. This is a new recipe, so hoping it is a good one…you never know.

  3. So good to hear about Leelu. Sounds like a busy Sunday! Enjoy this beautiful day. I hope Gracie is doing ok!

    1. Gracie seems to be fine – thanks for asking. Follow up vet visit tomorrow, just to be sure all is well.

  4. Glad to hear your able to have a few days of rest before the next group comes in. Love the images of Leelu. The ‘pawfect’ family/owner is out there, I just know it. We’ve got our paws crossed for Gracie’s follow up visit.
    Speaking of pet therapy, Norman was approved to begin his probationary period this morning. While the hospital is still trying to initiate a limited visit (outdoor only), I’m super excited he passed his vet evaluation this morning. Woot, woot.

    1. Gracie’s follow up was perfect. She’s released for normal activity. And woo hoo for Norman!! I bet he will be a wonderful therapy dog with you to show him how its done.

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