Getting Ready for the Scaredy Cats

I had the foster room all cleaned and set up for three kittens that had been bottle-fed. Nice and tame, ready to rock and roll now that they’re eating. They just need a place to hang for awhile until they are ready to spay and neuter and find homes.

But, in rescue, things change all the time. Instead of those three kittens, I’m getting three others. Ones born to a feral mom, hanging around a shopping center. Mom and babies were trapped, and the babies are around 5 weeks…just starting to be able to eat on their own. Because I worked with feral kittens for six years, guess who’s getting the feral kittens?? The three scheduled for me are going to a new foster, a much more reasonable starting bunch for a new foster. And I will get the scaredy kittens and try to do a little magic and turn them into loving domestic cats. They’re young enough that it shouldn’t be that difficult. I’ve done it enough times in the past.

I’m understanding that their mom is a Manx cat, which is a kind of cat without a tail, or at most, a little stub. That should make them of interest to potential adopters. In keeping with this year’s theme for kittens for me, two are black, and one is tuxedo. Black kittens are a little bit of a challenge, but the Manx aspect should help, and so far all my sweet black kittens have found good homes, so hopefully my (and their) luck will hold.

These little ones will need to be crated for a bit until they are more comfortable being handled. Otherwise they’re disappear under the futon and the foster room, and I won’t be able to handle them and convince them that people aren’t so bad. Hopefully that stage will only last a week or so, and then they can enjoy the luxuries of our foster room, but in the meantime, they have a day and night option set up and waiting for them.

Because they will be scared, their night option includes a cushy hiding spot.

They can curl up together in their box overnight, and if it is chilly, I can even give them the same heating pad that the five kittens born here a couple litters go used. It is pressure activated and heats up only to body temperature for kittens. It has to be more comfy than living outside lately with temps in the low 40’s at night. I’m not above bribing the little ones into loving me! With some lovely food and water and a handy litter box, and probably a nice heating pad, their evening accommodations should rate an A+.

During the day, a more open space so they get used to that too.

This has an open weave so they can see out more, and get some sun at various times of the day. They’ll have their food, water, and litter, and I plan to introduce some fun toys there as well. Having two locations for the babies will also give me a way to keep things clean, providing room service as they move from crate to play pen and back each day and evening.

So, I’m all set up again…unless things change one more time! Tuesday Leelu, our foster dog has a dental and a mole removal so Tuesday is her day. Wednesday the kittens come and we start a new journey with the wee ones. I understand they only weigh about 14 ounces so they will be here for awhile. Pictures after they arrive and get settled…stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Scaredy Cats

  1. Maybe I should send you a bottle of wine too? Seriously, tho, I’m sure you’ll be a good foster mom to the kittens as you always are. Ducky sends POTP for Leelu’s dental and other procedures tomorrow. I send love and healing energy for her.

    1. We’re keeping our paws crossed for Leelu too. If all of this gets done and is good, it will be time to start looking for her forever home. And I’m looking forward to the kittens. Miss having some around the house!

    1. Feral kittens are such fun to turn into adoptables. It is one of my favorite things to do! Very satisfying!!

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