The Fosters: The Celtic Gang

The new kittens arrived today, and I can’t keep calling them scaredy cats, especially since they’re doing pretty well. Since their mom is a Manx cat, a tail-less cat from the Isle of Man, I am giving them all Celtic names.

This is a photo from their rescuer who brought them to me today. They are still settling in here, and I don’t want to focus the camera on them just yet. But thought you might like to meet the little ones.

The black and white (tuxedo) one, who has half a tail is Bret. The two black ones are Aiden, who is a male without a tail, and Avalon, who is a female with a normal tail. They are right on target weight-wise for 5-6 week old kittens, which was our best guess. And they are already using their litter box, and starting to eat food. They mostly like KMR, kitten milk replacer, at the moment, but I mixed that with some of my favorite first kitten food, Mother and Baby Cat Mousse, and made a nice slurry for them, and they thought that was just lovely. Aiden, who may be the most adventurous one, is already playing with the Cat Dancer.

So they will have a week at most, I suspect, in the crate and play pen. As soon as they are completely comfortable with me, they get the freedom of the foster room.

At the moment, they are chilling in their crate, watching Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet, on Animal Planet, and getting regular short visits with me. Gracie and Leelu are itching to go visit, but it is a touch early for that!

Stay tuned for more photos and stories as they grow. They’re an adorable group!

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: The Celtic Gang

    1. Some of the foster kittens love the dogs…some don’t. We shall see, but not for a bit yet. I’ll let them get used to me first.

  1. They are very cute. We adopted a black and white kitten many years ago that had most of her tail missing. I don’t know what happened but she started out feral.

    1. That is so cool about Dr. Jeff and crew being your vet. Are they as amazing as they all seem on the show? And you can definitely tell that Dr. Amy loves the cats.

      1. I imagine it has to be hard to get an appt at times! But glad to hear that they are who they seem to be on the TV show. It is one of my favorites. That and Pitbulls and Parolees make my Saturday night.

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