he three little Celtic kittens are doing wonderfully, and I am over the moon in love with them already. Less than a week ago they were living outside with their feral mom, and now they are living the life of luxury, and adapting beautifully. Bret, the black and white kitten, is a little shy with me still, but they are all willing to be held, and they purr for me, and Avalon is ready to go exploring the room on her own. Aiden isn’t far behind.

They need to be crated for a few more days until they are completely comfortable with me and human contact, but it won’t be long before they are free to explore the whole cat room. I suspect it will blow their minds.

In the meantime, I’m introducing new things (besides me) and they are game to explore. Yesterday I introduced a scratching post, and it took seconds for them to check it out, climb it, and have fun. The videos are a bit dark – my apologies–when the kittens are out in the room it will be easier to get good pictures. You’ll hear the TV (Dr. Pol) playing in the background. I’m introducing the kittens to normal household noises, like TVs, too.

This evening, instead of switching them back to the crate for bed, I’m leaving them in the playpen which has more space. So I brought in a nice cat bed for them, and they are completely gaga over it.

They’re getting soooo much exercise that I suspect they will sleep well tonight.

I introduced some new toys today as well, ones that make noise, so their little brains are probably blown and on overload, but they’re so stinkin’ cute and fun to watch. They are starting to eat food as well, a baby cat mousse mixed with kitten milk replacer, and even in just a day they gained some weight.

These three are endlessly entertaining right now, and such good little adventurers. They were very lucky to be captured at just the right age. Able to eat on their own and still young enough to be pretty easily turned into domestic kittens, and I’m so lucky to get to be part of the process.

15 thoughts on “The Fosters: The Celtic Kittens and the New Stuff

  1. So much fun watching these three explore NEW things in their world. They are off to the very best of starts in their foster home with you………….!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. They are so much fun! This morning I found Avalon sitting on top of the scratching post. I don’t think she could figure out how to get down – so cute!

    1. Bret, the black and white one, is more timid than the other two but they are having fun exploring their new world. So much fun!

  2. So adorable! I already love them all. They are so lucky to have such a great start. Don’t you usually keep the mom until they are fully weened? Is she back in her hood? These are very lucky to be inside.

    1. The mom was totally feral and she was TNR’d and returned. The kittens were old enough to eat on their own, so no point in stressing mom (and the foster) with trying to keep her captive. The kittens instantly took to KMR, and are now eating the mousse mixed with KMR and doing fine with first foods, happily! Plus not having a scared mom around makes it easier for the little ones to get comfortable with people, which they are doing very quickly!

    1. They are adjusting at warp speed, and get more adorable by the day. Two of them found their way halfway up one of my cat trees today for their nap- utterly sweet!

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