I don’t know why, but I’m utterly smitten with this particular group of kittens. I love all my fosters, and those of you who have followed me awhile, know that I was utterly in love with Hannah and her babies born in my foster room. Some groups just grab you, and this one has me utterly kitten-stupid.

They are progressing (read: becoming comfortable with people) much faster than we would have expected. My rule of thumb for kittens born feral is that when they start coming to the door of their enclosure when I come in the room, and they are willing to sit on my lap for pets, they get some freedom. The kittens met that criteria in just a couple days, so they got to come out and explore the foster room today. They have to stay in their enclosure overnight still, at least for now, but they had several “recesses” from their play pen today, and they made the most of it.

They are all about toys and chasing each other and sneak attacks, and whatever else they can come up with. They even figured out how to climb up on the third shelf of the cat tree, which is a couple feet off the floor.

I left them to play for awhile and came back later to check in, and all three were sacked out. Bret, the black and white one, was asleep in the playpen, and Avalon and Aiden were up in the cat tree cuddled up together.

Got a nice photo of just Avalon as well. They don’t seem to mind the camera, so expect some portraits sometime soon.

Isn’t she a beauty?? That face, those eyes… Like I said, I am smitten with these kittens. Can’t wait to get to know their individual personalities better.

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    1. So glad it is comforting. They are wonderful little explorers. I got the tunnel out for them today – totally blew their minds!

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