It has been a little bit since I updated everyone about my foster dog, Leelu. I’ve been so kitten smitten that, in part, I got sidetracked. But I was also waiting for the results of her biopsy from the surgery last week.

The poor girl is still in a cone of shame, though I think it can come off very soon. And, with the shaving for the removal of the mole on her hip, she looks kinda funny.

But the good news is two-fold. On the dental they found that she had a cracked pre-molar and an exposed root. No, that’s not the good part. The good part is that this was taken care of and she feels sooooooo much better. It is no longer a great surprise that she growled at people when they tried to pet her around the muzzle or under her chin. She was in pain, and for who knows how long. It is hard to fix a behavior problem when physical pain is part of the equation, especially when you don’t know about the pain.

The other good news is that the mole that she was chewing on all the time was removed and it is benign. And totally removed, with little likelihood of returning.

With her teeth cleaned and repaired Leelu’s energy level has bumped up a few notches. She’s managed the dreaded cone pretty well for a week now, and I do take it off for short intervals. She’s licked the scabbing off the incision and I’m pretty sure it is completely healed, but am being cautious ’cause I don’t want the incision to open and to have to spend the rest of the day at the emergency vet getting stitches! There weren’t any stitches on the incision, just glue, so I am letting her lick it and clean it up, then the cone goes back on for it to dry so I can see how it is doing, and hopefully in the next day or two the cone comes off for good.

And all of this means that she is ready to get a forever home, so she’s up for adoption now, and my paws are crossed for her. I know the perfect home is just waiting for her. Stay tuned for what I hope will be a happily ever after ending!

21 thoughts on “The Fosters: Leelu’s Good Luck

  1. YAY for Leelu…..glad the mole was benign and that painful tooth is gone. She looks much happier and now – let’s hope the REAL happiness comes with a FOREVER HOME!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Painful teeth are a big issue. When I brought Gracie home the first time, she wouldn’t let anyone touch her around the face. She wouldn’t let the vet look inside her mouth so we had to put her under for a complete checkup. She had some bad teeth. After they came out she was a different cat. She was younger than usual for teeth issues so you never know. Hope Leelu finds a great home.

    1. Teeth issues are so tough to diagnose unless the critter is under. I’m just glad it got done and wish we could have gotten on the schedule earlier, but that’s life these days. Leelu feels soooo much better now. Paws crossed that we find the right home for her soon.

      1. Does your vet use x-rays? My old vet didn’t. The vet I took Gus to does but it more than doubles the price. They want Gus to get a dental and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth using x-rays too. Gus has tartar but doesn’t show signs of a bad tooth.

      2. I don’t think I’ve encountered dental x-rays. My own feeling would be that doing the dental is good and that they will find whatever they need to find while doing it. But that’s a lay person’s opinion!!

      3. You are not a regular lay person. You have had a lot of experience. The x-ray part adds $500 to the cost so it’s worth thinking about especially if it’s just tartar. He has no signs of mouth pain.

  3. Awww, that’s great news for Leelu! I’m so happy you now know why she was so “grumble-y” when you first took her in. That’s a lesson learned. And I’m even happier for Leelu that the bad tooth, as well as the benign mole, is gone! Now she can truly enjoy life! I wish we could come up there and adopt her – I have a feeling she and Ducky would form a great bond with each other. But, I’m sure she will find a wonderful forever home with your help. Kisses and belly rubs to Leelu. And to Gracie and Bodhi too!

    1. Thanks for all your good thoughts! I don’t know where you live, but it would be very funny if Ducky and Leelu ended up together and became fast friends! I really want to find an adopter who understands that Leelu sometimes lacks confidence and gets startled or scared momentarily, and is willing to help her continue to gain confidence and worry less about the world.

      1. You’re Welcome!! We live in upstate South Carolina, so it would be impossible these days for us to come up there. I’m sure you’ll find someone with those qualities who will fall in love with Leelu – and she with her/him – and give her a great home.

  4. She even looks significantly happier now. Here’s hoping a nice fur-ever home is just around the corner. Congrats on the good results and removal of discomfort for sweet Leelu. Yay!

    1. I hope for a home soon too. She is definitely much happier and more comfortable which is wonderful to see.

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