The Fosters: Food for Life

One of the challenges with kittens is getting them onto real food. It has never been easy in my experience, but it happens. Usually all of a sudden. Right when you’re ready to just give up and let them nurse of drink kitten milk replaced (KMR) for life.

The current crew is no exception. They came in to rescue from a feral mom, so they were used to nursing. They adapted pretty well to KMR, but from KMR to food…that was the challenge. I’ve had them about two weeks now, and they simply wouldn’t switch over for the longest time. They gained very little weight as a result. But they have finally made the leap!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, but this does the trick.

My secret weapon? Chicken baby food. I simply couldn’t get them to give up their KMR and eat the kitten mousse for ages. So out came the chicken baby food. (It has to be just chicken, no additives.) They LOVED it. Down it all went in moments. Next step was to give them the Kitten and Mother Cat Mousse (my favorite first food) with chicken baby food on top. All of a sudden, the mousse was interesting. Over a few days I have reduced the baby food topper, and now the kittens are hungry all the time and gobble everything I give them. They have even started eating the baby kitten kibble. They still get a bowl of KMR at bedtime for overnight comfort, but mostly they are eating food now, and they are gaining weight finally. Phew!

There are so many things that can go wrong with the little ones. One of my vets says she could never foster tiny kittens because she’d be worried all the time. She’s right. The little ones can keep you up nights worrying about them. But these ones are finally eating, and their poop is normalizing after the transition to food, so I can take a thing or two off the worry list for now.

Aiden, Avalon, and Bret continue to be really lovely kittens. They have met Gracie and Leelu, my foster dog, a couple times. They’re not too sure about it all yet, but they’re not having hysterics. Avalon gets the closest to the dogs…she’s a fearless little soul. Daily dog visits will continue and hopefully everyone comes around, increasing the number of homes that would consider them for adoption.

That’s the foster report for now. I’ll try to get some new photos and videos soon for you. My car will be in the shop for a week next week, so I’ll be somewhat homebound with plenty of time for photo work.

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