Now that Leelu is officially ours, the work begins in earnest. She seems to know that she’s not going anywhere, or else it is my imagination, or my own knowledge that she isn’t going anywhere. But she seems settled these days. Probably has something to do with having been here three months now.

Last night she started her first obedience class, and she’s going to be a lot like Bodhi I think. She’ll do whatever I ask, but I’m not sure she really cares much about it. Gracie takes everything asked of her as a personal challenge and struts around proudly as she accomplishes it. Leelu (and Bodhi) get it done and then look at me as if to say: so what?

She was a bit nervous at class last evening, but the good news is that she took treats from the hands of other folks there, and she didn’t snap at anyone. The last time she was at Redfern for the Nose Work class she snapped at people who are very savvy dog folks, and wouldn’t take treats from them much, so I take it as a good sign that she took treats and didn’t snap last evening. The whole point of the class, for me, is just confidence building, along with strengthening some basic skills and introducing a little self-control along the way. She has become a much more confident dog in three months, at least at home, but we have a good ways to go still. We’ll get there.

She absolutely hates the camera…hates. Will not look at me most of the time if I have the camera out, so I am stuck sneaking some photos with my phone. She’s lost 8 lbs since she arrived – at 34 lbs now instead of 42 and she looks fabulous. That is her target weight so she gets a little bit more food at meals now to maintain instead of lose…I haven’t heard her complain about that. And then there’s training treats. She doesn’t mind those either.

So here’s a couple photos from today, so you can see something new on her. The fur is still growing back where they took the mole off, but it will be back in time. Maybe the fur and confidence will grow in together…we shall see.

And here she is telling me to put the damn phone down. She’s a bit of a ham when she wants to be.

And for those of you waiting for new kitten photos…working on it. It is almost impossible to photograph or video the little ones since they want to be on my lap when I’m in the room! Stay tuned.

20 thoughts on “The Leelu Chronicles: First Class

  1. Oh gosh, has she blossomed. πŸ™‚ So glad to hear she’s taking treats well and has found a runway to a loving home. Three cheers for everyone.

    1. We’ve done a lot of work, but so has she. We had someone in the house this afternoon helping us set up some electronics and she was actually friendly. Woo hoo!

  2. She is a beautiful girl. A very expressive face. She seems to let you know how she feels about things and/or you are just good at reading and understanding her. I am so glad she is with you. She must feel the relief of consistency in her life now.

    1. The consistency is what she seems to need most…routine and all that. It was why we decided to keep her instead of adopting her out. Putting her through another transition was only going to stress her more and delay progress for her. She’s a good fit and a sweetie.

  3. She looks ‘furbulous!’ Rescue dogs take a while for their core personalities to blossom and 3 months is nothing especially with a dog that’s had some issues (perhaps the snapping was directly related to the tooth issue?). Her fur looks so incredibly soft. Even after 4 years, Elsa still looks away most of the time whenever I grab my phone and Norman who has adapted so well isn’t a camera ham. *Sigh, both of them have such great looks that beg to be shared. Oh well. Keeping them happy is the main thing, right? πŸ’–

    1. Keeping them happy is, indeed, the main thing! Leelu’s snapping was probably partly from her mouth pain issues, but she has done it since the surgery too. It is her go-to response to fear, but hopefully she is becoming less afraid of things. She has a skin condition that leaves her fur very oily, but medicated baths are doing the trick, and hopefully that will get better too. She’s made significant strides in three months, and I bet she’ll make many more in the next three. Hugs to Elsa and Norman!

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