For the last fourteen years I’ve worked on Thanksgiving, usually a full pet sitting schedule. And the universe’s favorite trick for holiday pet sitters is sick animals…it rarely fails. I’ve written a number of posts over the years about sick client pets during the holidays.

This year, due to the pandemic, not much pet sitting. I had one cat home and that was it for Marley and me. Our first Thanksgiving in ages where we had the day pretty much off. The weather was nice. The dogs got long walks. Two local restaurants supplied the feast, and all we had to do was warm it up, and it was all spectacular.

But just so we didn’t get TOO comfortable, one of the foster kittens decided to be sick. What would a holiday be without a sick critter???

Luckily, it wasn’t anything serious, and didn’t require a visit to the emergency vet. Leia threw up early in the day, and then twice more. When you weigh 2 1/2 pounds, however, you can’t throw up too many times without being in some trouble. Her temp was normal — at the top of normal, but still normal. (She was not happy having her temperature taken!) But she was a little dehydrated after vomiting all those fluids, so I went to the store and got some (unflavored) Pedialyte and added it to her water, and syringe fed her some of that for good measure.

The vomiting ended late in the afternoon, and none overnight or today, so I’m guessing that the canned food I fed her yesterday morning was too much for her yet. Cats aren’t terrific at switching foods, and she probably wasn’t getting a great diet where she was, so a slower introduction is needed. She’s doing okay with the dry, so I’ll stick with that for now.

The good news today is that Luke and Leia were checked for FIV/FELV today and they are both negative…always good to have that come back clean!

Luke is hard to photograph since he just wants to cuddle with you if you’re in the room! But it is easy to get him while cuddling with Leia, which the two do often.

So a typical holiday for us, but minus the vet visit, which was fine with me. Everyone’s doing fine now…hopefully it stays that way!

12 thoughts on “The Fosters: The foster kittens and Thanksgiving

  1. What a cuddling pair of cuties! Glad to hear your little girl will be fine and even better news on the FIV/FELV negative results. Woot, woot! Glad you had a ‘reasonably’ quiet holiday and hope the rest of the holiday season sizes up the same. Have a great weekend.

  2. They are so darn cute. I love that they cuddle with each other and Luke is a cuddler with you! Leia wasn’t feeling well I guess but she will come around too I bet. Glad the holiday was good for all of you. Happy to hear the FIV/FELV tests were negative! Great news.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. I am happy to hear that Leia’s illness was not serious and was short-lived. Also thankful their FIV/FELV were both negative. They are darling!
    I told my husband after reading your post about having your Thanksgiving feast supplied by restaurants that we are doing that for Christmas. I was exhausted after cooking this year.

    1. We’ve been doing Thanksgiving that way for many years, especially since we were usually working on Thanksgiving Day and there were just two of us. So easy to load a plate with yummy foods made by local restaurants and zap the plate for a couple minutes in the microwave when eating fit into the schedule. And it supports local restaurants at this difficult time as well, so a nice bonus.

  4. Aw, poor Leia. Glad she’s feeling better now! I love the photo of the two of them cuddling – it’s just too darned cute!!!

    Glad you had a relatively quiet holiday – as did we three – and like my friend Monika said, I hope the rest of your holiday season sizes up the same.

    Have a great weekend!

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