OK, a fun guessing contest for those of you who care to join in! I did one of the DNA tests to find out a bit more about what Leelu’s genetic makeup might be, and I have to admit I was very surprised.

I will reveal her makeup Monday evening, but in the meantime, anyone want to guess what her top three breeds are??? Make your guesses in the comments section.

11 thoughts on “Leelu’s Breed

  1. German shepherd and beagle would be my guess, maybe English staffy or possible some corgi, but so often the results come back with complete surprises so I will be curious to know the result.

  2. She’s absolutely adorable but playing detective is fun!

    My guesses are staffordshire terrier, lab, and elkhound

    Husband thinks beagle, pit bull, and shepherd

  3. Gosh……I really have no idea but have always thought there was some beagle in there!!! She’s so adorable no matter what her DNA is though!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

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