OK, here it is! This is Leelu. Quite a few folks guessed beagle, which has the largest percentage for Leelu (30%) but no one, including me, guessed #2. Leelu is 20% Chow Chow, which explains a whole lot about her behavior. She is devoted to me, and suspicious of much of the rest of the world, at least at times. I know some of that has to do with her history as well, but we looked (as best we could) and she actually has a blue tongue of the Chow Chow.

She is also mountain cur (15%), — that’s the hound piece — and many of you guessed part German Shepherd – she has a little bit of shepherd in her.

Lots of other pieces of her, but not the terrier that I and others thought we would find in her. (Though if you click on the maternal haplotype, and look at the info for the B84 one, it does link back not only to beagles but Staffordshire Terriers as well.) Here’s a link to her breed makeup, and click on the words “family tree” on the menu near the bottom of the scroll to see how they think she came to be

13 thoughts on “Leelu’s Breed Reveal

  1. This is fascinating–a dog family tree! Did you know that Martha Stewart has/had Chows? I remember her writing, many years ago, that one of her Chows became despondent when she got another Chow. I guess it felt she was being disloyal. Leelu just needed love. This is pretty wonderful.

  2. Wow never guessed the chow chow but that does explain the behaviour. It is handy to know what you are working with when dealing with a rescue. What an interesting girl Leelu is.

    1. Knowing something of your dog’s breed really can help. It isn’t the whole answer, but it is an important piece.

    1. I hadn’t heard of this, but I did a quick Google search and it looks very interesting, esp. the part about trying to tie genetic evolution with behavioral stuff. I will read some more. Thanks for telling me about this.

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