One of my favorite bloggers posted a wonderful group of landscape photos taken all over the world on her previous trips just to remind us all that there is still beauty in this world, even in the midst of some pretty dark or challenging days. (Her photos are exquisite, and I envy her eye and ability with every fiber of my being!) I definitely needed that glimpse of beauty as the news on the pandemic front here is pretty grim right now, with a strong surge after Thanksgiving. I expect the surge may be even worse after Christmas, and I am looking forward to better days sometime in 2021. There is hope on the horizon if we can just hunker down for a few more months or so…which I am definitely doing.

I commented to my blogger friend that maybe I should post my favorite kitten pictures from this year, that maybe they might bring a few smiles and some cheer as well, and I was encouraged to do just that. So because kittens are so stinkin’ cute and innocent and fun, here are some of my favorite foster kitten pictures of the year. I hope they bring a smile and some light to your day!

There was Hannah and her kittens from the tail end of March.

Followed by Freya’s kittens

The Manx crew followed them.

And finally my two current ones, Luke and Leia.

All, except my current two, went off to wonderful homes and I hear about the adventures some days, which is always wonderful.

I hope some cuteness brings a little cheer to your day! If I forget to say if before the end of this crazy 2020 year, thank you for following along with me here. Your comments and blogs are always highlights to my days.

22 thoughts on “Kittens in Review

  1. What a great PowerUp!! All of the kittens were adorable; as was Hannah who herself was still very young if I remember correctly. You’ve been a great foster mom to all of them!

    1. Hannah was quite young, and she has settled beautifully into her new home with another cat and a dog. She’s very happy there, which makes me very happy!

  2. Big, big smiles over here. Every one of these little angels are so darn cute! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Thank you for all you do. 2021 is gonna be a better year!

  3. I enjoyed seeing all these sweet kitties again. You have created a piece of heaven in your corner of the world, bringing light, joy and good health into these animals lives as they transition into their new homes. Thank you for being one of those bright spots in the world. 🙂

  4. Such adorable “temporary family” you’ve had this past year and thanks for sharing them again – I never get tired of seeing those innocent little faces. Best part is knowing that you prepared them for wonderful lives and I’m SURE that’s just what they have now!

    Hugs to you for caring so much………..

  5. If you made this into a calendar, I would buy it for each member of my family. They are just what I needed today. Catastic-cuties!! Happy Holidays my friend and thank you for what you do, and for your lovely words too!

    1. If only there weren’t an inexhaustible supply of other kitties who need homes! But we are grateful for our successes even so.

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